Malaysian was not a Malay culture. Instead, films were

Malaysian have been witnessing the
rapid developments of film industry in Malaysia, thanks to the support from
Malaysian that willingly bought the tickets even though some of Malaysian might
decide to download it from the internet for free and causing loss to the film

Based on studies by Wan Amizah and
Faridah (2013) “Putting Policemen as Censors in Cinemas: The History of Film
Censors in Malaysia”, film was used as a vehicle of communication by the
British colonials to disseminate and propagate information to the people.
However, film was not a Malay culture. Instead, films were considered an
imported culture since it predominantly came from Hollywood, the United States,
after the First World War. Film, or moving pictures, originally came to Malaya
and Singapore as early as 1898 (Lent, 1978, Jamil Sulong, 1990). One of the
earliest films shown in the Colony was a biography on Queen Victoria’s Silver
Jubilee in London on 20th June 1897.

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images in in the form of moving visual which includes the elements of
narrations that is written in the form of dialogue, visual and sound, then
being recorded using a camera, processed using a variety of technical methods
and became a piece of art, which have a variety of interests and goals to be
premiered in the cinema and television”. (Asiah and Faridah, 1996). In
addition, Asiah (1996) added that films introduced a new medium of speech
expression in the development of human history. The film is a modern medium
which represents a thought, expression and the ambitions of society embracing
its construction.

in other journal, the researchers stated that film is an intermediary that is
purposed to establish meaning production in society. Generally, films are
effective for capitalist industry which been utilize to gain profit and sustain
the existing social order (Juliana and Mahyuddin, 2009)