Managing and fast means to discover weakness in any





Managing Network Security


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Introduction. 3
PRTG software. 5
How PRTG Diagnose the
Problem.. 7
Network security. 10
Network security process. 10
Authentication. 10
Firewall 11
Attacks. 11
Passive attacks. 11
Active attacks. 12
Issues that make it hard
to fully guarantee network security. 13
High speed of attacks. 13
More attacks which are
complex. 14
The attack tools are very
simple and easy to use. 14
Easy and fast means to
discover weakness in any network. 15
Software developers take
long time to avail patching software. 15
Nave end-user prompted to
make difficult choices. 15
Random attacks. 16
Conclusion. 16
References. 17



the past few decades, great and tremendous technological advancements have been
brought in to effectiveness and thus businesses and households have been able
to enjoy the unending benefits of such advancements. In fact, many countries
and the whole world has been squeezed close to become a global village whereby
everything that can be made available and transactions can easily be done.

            This situation has been made possible by the use of
technological electronic devices that are connected in such a way that they can
communicate and transfer information and data through given channels of
communication. This whole issue lies under the shoulders of networking whereby
all these devices are linked together using various networking connecting

Many organizations accept that their IT foundation is
adequately ensured by a solid firewall and a cutting-edge infection scanner. In
any case, digital hoodlums are growing more complex techniques for getting to
organization PCs and servers. Security programs at times just perceive
discharged Trojans, worms, and so on, because it’s already very late. When the
threat comes to the PC in the network of the organization, it’s generally
simply a question of time before the whole framework has been compromised.

The outcome is frequently information control and
misfortune, or takeover of figuring limit with regards to criminal purposes. On
the off chance that the organization inside frameworks glitch in view of the
malware assault, there will be no business correspondence between organization
areas, lack of preparation to handle it will result in poor client
correspondence work. The head is stood up to with a tedious look for the
correct wellspring of the issue. Which segments of the security framework have
fizzled? Which zones or parts have been assaulted by malware? Could there be
different reasons why single frameworks have slammed? With a specific end goal
to keep away from such episodes, the entire IT framework ought to be ensured.

To this end, organizations require a far-reaching IT security system.
Notwithstanding firewalls and infection scanners, different measures, for
example, encoding programming, information security programming, content
channels, port scanners and different instruments ought to be a piece of these
frameworks. Besides, to ensure finish organize insurance, arrange observing
ought not to be forgotten as a
supplementary safety effort. Directed use of this sort of arrangement can
fundamentally raise the level of security in the IT setup.

IT executives should have the capacity to respond
similarly as fast to potential malware assaults. On the off chance that
introduced antivirus arrangements and firewalls don’t find assaults in time,
the harm done can convey all operations to a stop. At that point, directors are
just ready to respond to the issues, rather than having the capacity to take
proactive measures to avoid issues before they happen. The truth of the matter
is that firewalls and infection scanners are not generally adequate all alone
to ensure all-around security for the system. Organizations that coordinate a
system observing arrangement in their security technique can find potential
threats to the organization arrange at beginning periods.

An essential errand for the system observing
arrangement is to check existing security frameworks, for example, firewalls
and infection scanners, for operational unwavering quality. For instance, the
checking arrangement accumulates point by point information with respect to the
execution and status of the firewall all day and all night. On the off chance
that the firewall isn’t working appropriately, the danger of a malware assault
on the system increments.


            However, there are numerous challenges that come along with
networking and hence act as a threat to
the whole processes of networking. Moreover, there are also the emerging issues
on the network security, in which many people with ill intentions are able to
execute their malicious plans and hence end up harming the users of such
networks (Hill,

            This paper will, therefore
focus on the management of the networking security and give all the possible
solutions to enhance a secure environment for business over the internet.
Hence, we will go through the various means of networking security management,
their problems and suggest any possible solutions to curb the whole issue of
network insecurity. In this paper, the
software known as PRTG software will be used to manage network security in
various ways.



PRTG software

            Nowadays for a firm to manage its network security it
requires to a specialized tool like PRTG
software. PRTG is the software with unified monitoring characteristics. It has
a menu feature which has a dashboard which acts as the main interface panel
where all the sub-menu is located offering a general
overview to network administrator all the times. The PRTG has a
threshold which can be configured depending on the security need of the firm.
Having all those settings in place the PRTG has the capability to alert the
network administrator before any network failure occurs. This alert message
send in advance by the PRTG tool helps networks
administrator to become proactive in his/her job. This proactive ability
helps the network administrator to save both period and vigor. Above all this
leads to accrued advantage to the firm because at no given time an emergency will ever actualize as the network
administrator employs control measures once PRTG notifies him. PRTG acts as
network monitoring tool of the entire Information Technology firm because it
guarantees general overview of whole network nodes.


2: Network Monitoring –GUI from PRTG

information technology needs to use a specialized tool that can frequently
diagnose the entire network for easy detection of faulty if any (Shipley, 200).
PRTG serves as the analysis tools because it analyzes the entire network and
sends a notification to the administrator if there is any defect this makes the work of the administrator easy
instead of scrutinizing all the cables and server to establish the source of
the problem in the network.  Therefore,
the PRTG is very important in network diagnosis process because it helps the
network administrator to fix the network problem with a lot of easy.

            In addition, PRTG helps the information technology firm
to save the time required to diagnose
network problem and fix it because operates very fast with a lot of easy. This
is because with the absence of network monitoring tool it will take huge time
in attempts to trace any possible error in the entire network. If these network
monitoring tools were not there, information technology firms will employ more manpower and manage network security, therefore it will
be costly in terms of finance.  

How PRTG Diagnose the Problem

a firm where there is a complex network,
it is very difficult for a network manager to monitor all the activities of all
hardware devices connected to the entire network. Lucky enough with PRTG tool
just one person can be employed to manage the network security. For instance, PRTG too will closely monitor the functioning of all servers and establish
any possible faulty in the server. The functioning of the PRTG tool makes work
easier as allows the network administrator to monitor that hardware from a
common point irrespective of the positioning of the individual devices.
Additionally, if a particular server is faulty the PRTG will send a
notification to message to the network administrator, therefore he will take the necessary measures so as to fix the
faulty before it leads to a network failure making the entire processes of the
firm to come in to stand still.


The above figure shows that the CPU of the switch is
reaching 85%. In this case, an alert will be sent to the administrator when the
CPU Switch will reach the 50% so that the
administration quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

            The above figure shows that if we
inform the administration when the PING reaches 9ms, the hang-out can be
avoided and disconnection can happen if
the administrator is not informed on

Monitoring also includes the building up security, as
it empowers reconnaissance of impacts in the earth and encompassing zone.
Unique gadgets with sensors for smoke or gas development report fires or
comparative occasions at a beginning time. Also, sensors in the building can be
designed such that they trigger a caution when entryways, windows or server
cupboards are opened. The IT engineers can even quantify voltage utilizing
proper equipment and can exchange the information to the system checking
programming, which thusly recognizes vacillations in the power supply and tells
the directors in like manner. Because of the many observing choices, the IT
group dependably knows whether the system is running in a protected situation
or if short-, mid-or long-haul changes
must be made.


 Network security

security is the method and means that is
adopted in order to prevent or reduce the extent to which unauthorized users
may illegally get access to the systems and do harm to such system. For the
security assurance of any sophisticated system, the network administrator has
to create network authorization access to the data that can be accessed through
networking. Users need to be assigned authentication credentials such as user
ID and passwords for them to be able to securely access the required fields for
data of interest. 

is very important to mention that, network security is involved in numerous types of computers that are used in
diversified categories of service. Computers may be used in government
activities, businesses functions and for private use. Thus, network security
will cover a wide range of activities such as the daily routine jobs both in
public and private sectors.

          Network security process

are various ways in which network security can be guaranteed. These will be
discussed as follows:


is the security feature that requires the user to have a user ID and a
password. Authentication can be one-factor, two-factor or even three-factor.
One-factor may involve only the username and the password. Two-factor
authentication involves the one-factor plus one item that is used by the user
such as a mobile phone (Corday, 2005). Finally, a three-factor authentication will
involve the two-factor authentication plus an extra authentication method that
is very complex to be guessed over by another person such use of fingerprint
and a retinal scan.


determines the extent to which the user is allowed to access the system, what
functions he can perform and what privileges he has access to. The fire may
face the challenge of attacks from threats like worms, Trojans etc. for the
firewall to be more secure, there is need install antiviruses in the computers and servers for better and advanced

Fig 1. Network Monitoring


Some attacks may be
associated with network security such. They can be;

Passive attacks

Telephone Tapping

is the monitoring of internet or telephony network by a third party. This
exposes a system networking to a threat of the network conversations being
tapped and hence the information may land in wrong
hands, or be altered so as to reach the target in a form that was not desired.
For the lawful interception of information, there is strict management so as to
enhance privacy and maintain trust. Thus t is the responsibility of a court to
authorize such activities to take place; otherwise, it turns to be a criminal offense.

Port scanner

is an application designed to venture into a server’s open ports. This
application is supposed to be used by the network administrators so as check-in for the security measures of their
sever systems. It helps in security alertness of the system attacks. It is also
used by the attackers to check for any open ports for them to attack the
servers or system of their target.

main function of the port scanner is not for attacks, but for verification or
just probes to identify services which are available on a remote machine.

Active attacks

attacks include attacks such as the use
of viruses to execute the intended attack on the target machine. Thus, machines
should be well protected via the installation of updated antiviruses so as to prevent such attacks from

types of active attacks may include; Eavesdropping, data modification,
denial-of-service attacks, DNS spoofing and WLAN hopping amongst others.

discussing denial-of-service is that the
attack here intentionally disrupts the services they offered to the clients by
hindering them from accessing such services by making them temporarily
unavailable. Moreover, distributed denial of services is a threat to network
security whereby the attackers send traffic to
different places against the target single network. This is a big challenge to
the security network administrators to identify the source of all those
potential attackers and employ the relevant secure control measures so as to
minimize chances of the risks to actualize.

is yet another active attack whereby attackers may get access to the necessary
key information via secretively listening to private conversations. This may
bring in the risk of finding out very secure information such as passwords or
even secrete data information within the system.

talk about shoulder surfing is that,
attackers may befriend the intended people so as to be close to them while
performing key operations in the system. This may lead to the risk of networks
being attacked since the vital information
was obtained.

engineering may also threaten the security of a network since people tend to inquire about key things in the company for
example, in such a way that they won’t tell whether they are being interviewed
of the vital information.

these kinds of attacks, it’s now the responsibility of a company to be careful
on how they carry out their functions and be able to properly make use of PRTG
machine to detect any network problem and hence diagnose as early as possible.
They should also be vigilant on the security threats that are identified in
advance and therefore be able to curb all the possible dangers of happening.

Issues that make it hard to fully
guarantee network security

High speed of attacks

hacking tools which easily be accessed from open source market, make it easy
for attackers to discover a vulnerability
in any system so long as they are within the same network. These free attack
tools have a user-friendly interface
which makes it easy for a layperson to launch an attack on the target system (Rothermel, 2004).
This is possible because most of the
attack tools require one to just click on a particular menu thus the system
execute the rest of the attack process. High-speed
internet has contributed significantly to these high speeds of attack thus the
system security manager finds it hard to detect these attacks early in advance
and implement the appropriate security mechanism.

More attacks which are complex

            Today there are numerous sophisticated attacks which make
it hard for them for an organization to
secure its network maximally. These attacks are made to be sophisticated simply
because the attackers are able to incorporate technological internet tools and protocols
to send harmful information to a computer,
therefore rendering it hard for a normal
system end-user to be able to tell an attack and an authentic traffic.
Moreover, these attack tools have become more complex because of advanced
technology which makes the same attack tool to exhibit different behavior, therefore makes each and every attack from the
same tool appear in a different way, this makes it hard for the organizations
to secure their network fully.

The attack tools are very simple
and easy to use

            Nowadays network security is highly threatened the attack
tools do not require a skilled person to
use them because most of the attack tools
are free from the internet where they can be downloaded and get installed in a
computer (Han,
2015). These free attack tools bare simple
menu appearance which anyone can easily understand and use the software without
any difficulty. Attackers do not require
a special training for one to gain technical know
how to attack network, this has been made possible because of the advanced technology and fast internet thus
posing a big challenge to any network securing
because the security mechanisms in place do not match the current sophisticated attacks.

Easy and fast means to discover
weakness in any network

            The current advance technology guys have managed to
develop software that can be downloaded from open source and use it to scan a
system and network to find out if there is weakness or a vulnerability to
exploit. If the attackers find any vulnerability in the network they pursue it
with alit easy without the knowledge security manager of the network. Network
security realizes when it is too late the weakness in the network has already
been discovered by people with malicious intentions, therefore taking the advantage of the ignorance of the network
security manager. This IS THE easy way to discover vulnerability by use of the
current tools which can scan system or a network very fast and establish
weakness if any, make it hard for the organization to secure its network fully.

Software developers take a long time to avail patching software

developed software develops vulnerabilities with time due to improved
technology which leads to discoveries of
existing vulnerabilities in the network or computers. If the software vendors
do not avail these patching in time the attacker may take this advantage ton
launch an attack on a computer or a system. Due to this reason software seller
are urged to ensure software patch or an update is readily available on the internet for the people to download for

Nave end-user prompted to make
difficult choices

            At time end users of a computer or a system are expected
to make challenging security options on their computer or computer system. Sometimes the end-user
end up making the wrong choices which might create a weakness or a
vulnerability on their network without their notice. For instance, a user might be prompted with a suggestion like
“are you ready to authorize this port to open”? Unfortunately, the user may end
up accepting to open the port without prior knowledge of the risk that will be
exposed to that computer or network. This renders it hard for networks to
be fully secured when the end-users are naïve of the security issues of the
system they are using, therefore an attacker
exploits the weaknesses that are opened by the users.

Random attacks

have discovered new methods of launching numerous attacks to a single network
which make it hard to defend those
distributed attacks. The originations network security manager and his team
find it challenging to handle and such an
attack. These random distribute attacks which aim at one network are made
possible by the fast internet and advanced technology.


security management is a serious area whereby the technology firms and companies need to invest a lot of their vital
focus, both in terms of finances and expertise in order to secure the fate of
data security. Proper use of PRTG would in effect ease the strain that the
monitoring processes of networks would get involved in. therefore, users of the
various technological appliances would be required to have the necessary
information and the skills that would assist them to escape dangerous traps of
their data insecurity. Finally, firms and companies that greatly depend on technological
appliances on their daily routines out to have a heavy investment and control
measures on how to secure their data from unwanted attacks.






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