Many of choice of an individual’s own acts or

   Many individuals in the world are not sure of how to define self-determinism. Self-determinism means the freedom of individuals of a given country or state determining their own political ranking or independence of rights from their current state. It is free of choice of an individual’s  own acts or states without external compulsion. This assigned source relates self-determinism to attain independence for human rights in a current country or state. The perspectives of the assigned source should be taken in with reasonable limits. Throughout history human rights violations have been fought for as they are considered the most important things to humanity. However, countries times where their rights were being violated by a country’s government internationalists organizations and the rest of the world turn a blind eye. One key example is the vietnamese war. The military collapse of south vietnam war in 1975 has combined serious pursuit of problems with the soviet union. Certain times, taking a step back is better for the well being of their own nation.          The assign source relates to the  people of Quebec because they have a distinct historical tradition, developed a unique culture, and all speak the same language. The primary reason to concur with the perspective of the assigned source is that canada has a history of accommodating various nationalities for residing in the sovereign territory in canada. These accommodations include that of the francophone population of Quebec. As we have seen from the past, and still continue to witness today, Canada has demonstrated many accommodation towards the individuals living in the province of Quebec. Quebec, made in 1867, during the 17th and 18th century homes many French settlers as the province was known as new france. During this time Quebec (New France), had their own control of all political, economical and social rights and freedoms. This gave the francophones the power to create all their rules and regulations that best for their own social desires. Later, the Official Languages Act of 1977 had established an equal status in government for both languages. After the Official Languages Act, the constitution Act of 1867, Section 133, had finalized French and English as the official languages of Canadian parliament, Quebec Provincial Legislature and court. Along with that, Bill 101, the Charter of the French Language, was introduced by Parti Quebecois as it has been known as a problematic issue that began after the Conquest of 1760, when Britain acquired parts of New France at the end of the Seven Years War. The bill states Canada defining French as the official language of Quebec, and the official second language of Canada. Also, the 1995 quebec referendum gave Quebec voters a second chance to decide whether Quebec should proclaim natural sovereignty and become an independent country, or to stay part of Canada. As like the first referendum (1980) the succession was once again defeated. If Quebec were to leave Canada they wouldn’t have the option to continue having the same benefits with Canada. Quebec’s secession from Canada could result in billions of dollars in federal funds since Quebec would no longer be paying taxes or receiving their tax money back in from of pension payments. Quebec would be forced to cut social and health programs.    In the late 1800’s, france took over vietnam, laos, and cambodia and they had renamed them indochina. Japan had invaded vietnam during world war ll, many people had committed to the idea of independence. Vietnam had a communist leader named Ho Chi Minh which he and viet minh had fought against the japanese and continued to also fight the french. The war that occured between the vietnamese and french had continued till 1954. American forces helped the vietnamese defeat the french, which they had succeeded. After the war vietnam had separated into two, the northern democratic republic of vietnam which was a communist state that was assisted by China and the Soviet Union. The second half of vietnam was considered the republic south of vietnam and was assisted by the United States and other western powers. Between the two superpowers vietnam became a un safe ground. Vietnam was ruled by numerous dictators who were supported by United States and were resisted by communist viet cong guerrilla fighters. In 1975, a military collapse occurred within south vietnam. It was combined with a serious diversion of the release with both Soviet Union and people Republic of China in the beginning of the 1960’s. The republic of china had offered the possibility to not only redefine the american concept of self determinism but also support it. The Nixon Doctrine had supplied money, arms and training, but they hadn’t supplied American troops. Nations who are really seeking self-determinism must now provide their own army. After the vietnam war they had suffered from economic hardship such as, shortages of food and consumer goods. The vietnamese had realized they could not survive on the official economy alone. The government had reluctantly approved a wider range for the private sectors and eventually recognized that until the economy in vietnam achieves a higher level of development, free markets could supply the people their needs.the assigned source asks for my perspective on groups that have been subjected to economic hardship and political discrimination have causes to seek self-determinism. Vietnam wanted peace and he hoped to negotiate with the french president. Nguyen That Thanh had tried to speak with the powerful men trying to negotiate the terms for peace he hoped to take America up on a promise he had proposed that vietnam would gain self-determinism, national sovereignty, and to also free vietnam from colonial rule. After the war vietnam had suffered from economic hardship but was later solved. After the gain independence they did not have any problems such as political discrimination except when they were fighting the war.       After 1918, nationalism within india had escalated. White Englishmen had dominated India and there had been no decrease within their powers or increase in national power. Woodrow Wilson had replicated the minds of people with his own beliefs in national self-determination. He believed that people from a country had a right to govern themselves. The whole concept of self-determination diminished the basic idea of the British Empire. For self-determination to fully work, india would have to be governed by the indians living there. In 1917, Britain had played with the idea of giving india a measure of self-government. In 1919, the government of india Act was introduced, about 5 million of the wealthiest indians were given the right to vote. In india, within the provincial governments, minister of education, health and public works could not be indian nationals. The british kept control of the key posts of tax and law and order.         Pakistan, the edge of disaster. However the relevant principle of the the self-determination about Jammu and Kashmir has been recognized by the United Nations. It was sustained equally by india and Pakistan when Kashmir conflict was brought before the government. Kashmir was not apart of the territory of either, the two countries which they had entered into an agreement to the people to study their rights of self-determination. The kashmir’s have been searching for independence. They don’t need to be apart of india nor Pakistan. In this source it portrays that the United Nations should allow countries to search for independence. If a certain country wishes to maintain its territory as self-determinism the United Nations should not be involved and should allow it happen. Every country would love to maintain its existence of a collective culture,language and religion. Any process that ignores the wishes of the kashmir people and is constructed to sidetrack the United Nations will prove to be an exercise in hollowness but can cause human and political damage.