March farmer, the mother filed a police complaint stating

March 17, a day
after Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presented the ?1.86 lakh crore State Budget.
Prakash’s, a farmer, the mother filed a police complaint stating that upset
over the Budget not specifying anything on farm loan waiver, he had ended his

Even as the
blame game over waiver of farm loans is continuing, 51 cases of farmer suicides
have been reported in the State in the last three months alone. Over 842 cases
were reported between April 2016 and March 2017.

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There are many
factors that contribute to suicides among our country’s farmers:-

•    Poor crop yields.

•    Financial devastation or debt.

•    Access to easy methods of self-harm.

•    Lack of community support.

•    Climate change effects on farming.

In India,
farmers often drink toxic pesticides to get out of grueling debts, as the
government of India, in some cases guarantees monetary aid to their surviving
families. That provides a perverse incentive for suicide, rewarding people who
end their lives by paying family compensation, but only if they die.

We may not be
able to stop the climate change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to
address suicide, including providing more financial stability and paying more
attention to the mental health of farmers.

A major chunk
of the blame for this sorry state of farmers in Karnataka and the soaring
suicide lies on the shoulders of the present government. The Congress
government in the state has completed four years in the state and has failed on
various fronts, especially in reducing the hardships of the drought-hit farmers
across Karnataka.

Although the
government has allocated Rs 41,439 crore for the irrigation projects in the
state, it has been noted that they have released only Rs 32,326 crore over the
last four years.

Citing a recent
survey by the Delhi-based Centre for Media Studies, which found Karnataka to be
the “most corrupt state” in the country, senior leaders have
complained that the present Chief Minister has no control on his corrupt
ministers and officials.

•    In India, a farmer commits suicide every 2
hours and 15 minutes

•    Providing seeds, manure, pesticides, water
and a platform to sell their produce prevent suicides?

•    Will organic farming help stop suicides?

•    What results in a farmer’s dissatisfaction?

•    Is loan inevitable for farming?


agriculture has become a platform for several questions. Farmers are the
lifeline of this nation, and the irony lies in the views which separate the
word ‘farmer’ from the word ‘farming’ and restricts the word ‘farmer’ to merely
a person who grows crops.


It is
imperative that the present government take steps to help the farmers