Maria age of 18. She studied at the University

Goeppert-Mayer was a very intelligent woman who worked in the field of science.

My research paper is
about Maria Goeppert-Mayer. She was a woman who was a nobelist in physics. She
did many things throughout her lifetime. I believe she was a very smart and
very important person in history. Without her I do not believe that our
technology and our medicine would be the same as it is today.

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Who was Maria Goeppert-Mayer?

Her name was Maria Goeppert-Mayer.
Maria was born on June 28, 1906. She was the daughter of Friedrich Goeppert and
Maria Wolff Goeppert. She was Friedrich Goeppert’s
and Maria Wolff Goeppert’s
only child. (N/A.”Maria
Goeppert-Mayer.” N/A. N/A. December 17, 2017. Web.)

Maria Goeppert-Mayer’s early life. (Ages 1-17)

Maria grew up in the German
town of Kattowitz, now Katowice, Poland. Then Maria and her family later moved
to Gottingen so Friedrich could teach there. Maria was the age of four at the
time. (N/A. “Maria
N/A. N/A. December 17, 2017. Web.) She came from six generations of professors.
This inspired Maria to become the seventh generation professor in her
family.  Friedrich was a professor of
pediatrics and her mother was a music teacher. (N/A. “Maria Goeppert-Mayer. “  N/A. N/A. December 17, 2017. Web.) Her father
had a big influence on her life and her future career. There was only one
private school in Göttingen which prepared the girls for
the entrance exam for the University of Göttingen. (“Episode 1.” Maria Goeppert Mayer, Symantha
Dandreano, N/A)

Early adult years. (Ages 18-35)

Maria enrolled at Göttingen
in mathematics at the age of 18. She studied at the
University of Göttingen, which was a world center for physics.
While Maria was attending Max Born’s quantum mechanics seminar she
decided to study physics instead of mathematics.  (N/A.”Maria
Goeppert-Mayer.” N/A. N/A. December 17, 2017. Web.)
Maria met and got married to American, Joseph Mayer in 1930. Joseph was an
American who worked with James Franck who was a Nobel Prize winner. (“Episode
1.” Maria Goeppert Mayer, Symantha
Dandreano, N/A) Maria received her PhD in theoretical physics
with a doctoral thesis on the theory of two photon absorption and the emission
also in 1930. She produced ten papers, a textbook, and her daughter Maria Ann
while she was in Baltimore. Maria got impregnated with a son “John”
in 1938. She worked with the Calculations of Properties of transuranic
elements. Also the photochemical method for isotope separation. One challenge
in her life at this time was that her husband, Joesph lost his job. So then
they left Hopkins in Baltimore for Columbia University in 1938. At Columbia
University they wrote the classic textbook entitled Statistical Mechanics. (N/A.”Maria Goeppert-Mayer.”
N/A. N/A. December 17, 2017. Web.) After this they started working with Edward
Teller on a project. That project would then determine the origin of the

Later adult years (Ages 36- death)

They worked at the
Institute for Nuclear Studios at the University of Chicago. They also worked at
the Argonne National Laboratory. In 1948 Maria started working on the nuclear
shell model. In 1957 Maria and her family then moved to the University of
California, San Diego. She earned the 1963 Physics Nobel Peace Prize for her
theory of magic numbers of protons and neutrons arranged in shells in the
nucleus. It was nicknamed “The Onion Modonna.” When she was awarded with the
Nobel Prize a San Diego newspaper ran the headline “S.D. Mother Wins Nobel
Prize.” Maria’s health eventually declined and she passed
away at the La Jolla, California, on February 20, 1972. (N/A.”Maria Goeppert-Mayer.”
N/A. N/A. December 17, 2017. Web.)

Maria’s field                                   

 Maria’s field of study
was nuclear physics. The job of a nuclear physicist is to study atomic nuclei
and their constituents and interactions. Nuclear physicists have a very
positive impact when they actively engage in the public and schools with their
science. Normally nuclear physicists annually make $112,090. They are very
important when it comes to advanced technology and medicines. According to
google in order to become a nuclear physicist today you must,” Graduate
from a Bachelor’s Degree Program. Bachelor degree programs in nuclear engineering and technology,
engineering, chemistry or applied physics
with a concentration in nuclear
science can prepare students to continue their studies in a graduate program
and work toward a career as a nuclear
scientist.” There are many colleges in the United States that have nuclear
physics programs. Those colleges include Michigan State University East
Lansing, MI, University of Washington Seattle, WA,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA, Stony Brook University—?SUNY Stony Brook, NY, Indiana University
Bloomington,IN, California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA, Duke
University Durham, NC, University of California Berkeley, CA, Yale University
New Haven, CT, Columbia University New York, NY, University of Illinois Urbana,
IL, and the University of Notre Dame, IN. (N/A. N/A.
N/A. N/A. December 17, 2017. Web.