Marketing concepts, techniques; tools used are no longer the

Marketing can be both
evolutionary and revolutionary. Market keep growing with rise of demand, which
as we all know is unlimited. Demand single handedly cannot control the market
growth there are various other factors contributing. The tremendous growth of technology
which improved communication, distribution, supply chain, production all
together ends up creating the market we see today. Marketing has evolved since
the past decades the concepts, techniques; tools used are no longer the same as
before. Marketing is no longer just a form to communicate about the product or
to create interest. Marketing is now completely about customers, attaining new
ones and retaining the current ones. It is said that making a new customer is
way more expensive than maintaining the current ones. So now every company
concentrates on creating a long term relationship with the customer. Many a time’s
marketing is mistaken as just advertising, but the fact is advertising is just
a technique for marketing. For success of any company it is not only important
to know how to sell but mostly it should 
 focus more on what to make , so for
this it is necessary to know the customers their needs and wants. Marketing is
all about understanding in depth that customer satisfaction is very very very
very important and marketing gives various ways to channel the activities to
create strong customer relation. So what might be the factors influencing the
strategies of a company in marketing? What might be the tools used by companies
to comprehend their target market? Are they useful? so studying a company’s
marketing environment, its policies ,market plan can provide an insight about
such concepts. In this context to study on these areas Toyota Motor Corporation
has been chosen. A well known legend in the motor industry, which has built its
platform on customer satisfaction thus, a right choice to study on marketing
details. Starting off with company overview to critically analyzed new marketing