Materialism the mind is the brain. Idealism is the

is the view that everything that exists is material things. It means that
everything can be explained in terms of material, most things are hardly a
matter (a substance you can see and touch). In the present nation, materialism
partakes in everyone’s life, regardless of what social class they are. Being
materialistic can be viewed as corrupt, however, there is a difference between
morality and personal interests. For example, believing money can buy you
happiness is materialistic or being friends with someone because they are rich
or famous.  A materialism person is the
one who seeks wealth selfishly or a person that always want to look good at all
cost, and a person who control things for his or her own benefits. Materialists
have believed that the only things that are real are those things the soul can
perceive through sensible intelligence. They also believe that all events in
the world can be explained by scientific laws. It’s also a theory in philosophy
of mind that holds that the mind is the brain.

is the belief and behavior of someone who has ideas and who tries to base their
behavior on these ideals. It is also the position that reality is immaterial:
idea, mind, or spirit. It generates not just social norms and morals by wanting
benefits just for yourself, but the world around you, believing people are
generally good. Idealism deals with controlling ideas and allows improvement in
the progress of not a single state but the whole world. An idealist is the one
who strives for perfection. They believe that everything and everyone should be
“ideal,” that is, perfect and flawless. Idealists seek intellectual and moral.
Martin Luther King is a good example of an idealist. He was an inspired man who
embraced reality. He knew the truth of mankind and knew there must be a good
way. He preached and a lot of good came from his visions. 

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