Medicine Looking at some articles I realized that back

Medicine is so important in our life just like water and
oxygen. According to medicine is defined as ” any substance or
substances used in the treating disease or illness; medicament; remedy”. This paper
is about my research and findings about all the different kinds of medicine and
treatment given to the soldiers during the American civil war. The main
objective about this research paper is to compare the difference between the
treatment and medicine during the American civil war and how much it has changed
from then. By the end of this research my aim is to accomplish a good understanding
of how and what the olden days taught us and how they are still used today.

Another main goal of mine is through this research paper is
to show the difference between how soldiers were treated back then during the
civil war and how are they treated now. To accomplish my goals I have planned to
spend at least two hours everyday for this research paper. In the end I hope to
provide everyone a clear understanding about the system that worked back then and
the system that works  now. Looking at
some articles I realized that back in the day during the civil war the main
issue was lack of qualified doctors and lack of hygiene. The antiseptic medical
practices, the germs , medical equipment and even the hospital setting was unknown
to most doctors in the field during the American civil war. Two in every four soldier
died by some kind of harmful disease commonly malaria, measles and small pox.
Due to the lack of a proper facility doctors used schools, churches, other people’s
 houses and barns etc to treat the
affected soldiers

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 In addition to my
findings from the online articles and newspaper articles the resources that I have
planned to use during the research paper are books from the library that explains
about the American civil war medicine and the treatment. I have also planned to
seek help from history professors at school who can also assist with the more
information on this topic. I have also planned to seek help from current
soldiers and retired hero’s. They will be able to provide me with the current
and past situations and the transition period.

To conclude, disease was the deadliest thing that the people
faced during the civil war period. In short the doctors were just not prepared.
Most of them were unaware of the types of diseases that spread aroud.The
soldiers went through so much sickness and different kinds of diseases both
mentally and physically. Some of the medicine and the medical practices used
back then are still used today in this modern world. The scientific knowledge
about medicine and the medical technology have dramatically changed from the American
civil war  but the basic principles of
military and their health care system  still remains the same till today.