Mike big businesses are getting involved in the movement

Mike Kaufmann serves as an executive sponsor of the company’s
Women’s Initiative Network employee resource group, and champions the role men
can play in driving gender equality in the workplace. Not only do mike have
decades of experience of participating in gender equality, His role as an
unusual chief financial officer made a significant impact on United states corporate
diversity efforts. More man that have big businesses are getting involved in
the movement of gender equality. “Corporate leaders have come to recognize that
man must work alongside woman to create meaningful gender equality improvement”
says Bill Proudman.

             Catalyst’s initiative for understanding women’s challenges in the
workplace has taught some male middle and top managers to be more considerate
of a woman’s obstacles and to understand the “unconscious bias” that influence
important workplace decisions. “Unconscious Bias could be viewed as
one’s unspoken preference for certain groups. For example, consider Doug
Hillary, a Dell vice president. When he joined the Catalyst program, he learned
that he unconsciously preferred male employees who worked late hours at the
office. He also learned that he wasn’t as accommodating to the family needs of
one of his female employees. Since then, Mr. Hillary has made more efforts to
provide benefits to all working parents and has joined Dell’s networking group
for women. Male managers have also learned to expand women’s prospects by
creating partnerships between men and women.” (Jones & George 2017)

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Businesses are now recognizing the importance of investing in
diversity and inclusion as part of their overall business strategy. Engaging in
this practice will challenge their organizations to make the connection between
those principles and their overall business performance. Diversity is very crucial
in today’s global marketplace and upscale business, as company’s communication
and interaction with different cultures and clients. “The payoffs touch every
area of the business by potentially resulting in increased creativity,
increased productivity, new attitudes, new language skills, global
understanding, new processes, and new solutions to difficult problems. greater
agility, better market insight, stronger customer and community loyalty,
innovation, and improved employee recruitment and retention” said Sahar Andrade
(SaharConsulting2010). Businesses that don’t engage in diversity and inclusion
might find themselves falling short to retain the kinds of customers,
employees, and business partners.

There are some potential
disadvantages of having an employee who represents the predominant workplace
demographics. Hiring a diverse workforce has its many advantages but comes
with some negative advantages as well. “Businesses that employs a diverse workplace
setting must create a culture that promotes dignity and respect to avoid misunderstanding
between employees. Communication may be disadvantage disparity if the employees
first language is not English. Long term employees may leave the business if
their personal prejudices prevent them from working with co-workers from a
different background. Another disadvantage, handling employee complaints regarding
negative attitudes and harassment can take up a considerable amount of upper management
time” (Smallbusiness2008).