Minecraft anything that could affect your abilities within the

Minecraft Username:Ensure to provide your full Minecraft username correctly; we will check your in-game statistics, logs, and more.MehEmojiDiscord Username:Include your full Discord ID, by providing the final digits after your username (e.g. LCPL.Herrick#8645).Emoji#8343Age:How old you are currently, in years (provide an exact age).14Country:Which country are you from/currently in?BelguimTimezone:What is your timezone? (If you are between multiple timezones, please state them, along with the frequency you are in each timezone)UTCLanguage(s):What language(s) do you fluently speak? Are you learning any new languages?English Dutch General QuestionsYour skills:What are your strengths and weaknesses? This doesn’t have to be too personal, but anything that could affect your abilities within the staff team, honestly.Committed:When I set my sights on something, I will do everything in my power to make sure it is achieved, and achieved correctly. Right now my sights are set on a staff position and continuing to play the game and gamemode I have grown to love so much.Multitasking:I am no the best at multitasking but I will try. I can look up bans and do mass moves at the same time. I do pretty well under pressure and I know how to handle myself.Knowledge:I am very good at Factions and I love to help out the community and I think Zone is an amazing server. I know all the commands and I know how to handle a lot of bad situations.Productive:I am a very fast worker and I know how to handle a lot of situations. I am very good at being productive and I know what I am doing.Why should we choose you?:What makes you stand out when compared to other applicants? What can you bring to the community? What contribution(s) have you made so far? Etc.I want to become staff on ScoutCraft because I want to help the server, do everything of my ability to make it a more clean community for all of the members, not to mention making it more fun for the legit players. I know what I am doing in a role like this and can be trusted. I would not take my rank for granted but as a privilege, a badge if you will, being able to show what I can do for the community and making me approachable to other players in need of advice or help to get a player banned who is cheating. I want to be there to stop a player being racist towards another person, people should not be judged let alone through a block game. Online users commit suicide over this stuff so I want to be apart of a big community and completely remove the toxicity. I won’t just feed the vulgar player a punishment, I will talk to the player being verbally abused and make sure he is feeling fine.Previous experience:Have you been a moderator/staff member on another community in the past? Ensure not to provide any IPs, but mentioning server names is allowed.CortexHCF 400-500 players SrMod Shutdown”cortex was my first ever place to become staff I started as T-Mod I learned how to as and in the space of 5weeks I became srmod were my job became better I would rollback bases always been in support rooms waiting to help a player in needFactionsLab “Helper” Resigned”factionslab was a fun server I had a tun of fun This was my first factions server to be staff on it was much different I didn’t have to do Much as T-Mod on Hcf still gives u perms to catch hackers on factions its different all I did was help out in chat/support rooms it was still pretty fun!Mineman club Mod”Resigned” due to schoolwork Mineman a Practice PvP server this was fun I became Jr-Mod on hdfd before resigning I found it pretty fun I met a lot of yters ect pretty fun hah I’d help out a lot Are you currently a staff member on other communities?:Explain if you are a staff member on other communities (not providing any IPs of course). These communities don’t have to be just inside Minecraft, but could span across other games.NopeAvailability:When would you be able to dedicate time in-game, on our forums and on Discord? Try to provide a time-frame, such as 5pm-9pm weekdays.Anytime i’m neededActivity on the network:What server(s) do you play on our network the most?