“Miracles as Anna Beam ,(Jennifer Garner) as Christy the

      “Miracles are really exist, we want it or
not but it is really exist. Miracles happens everytime and anywhere, sometimes
we didn’t noticed it.” You never really understand lifes sometimes that we have
problems to encounter and sometimes hoping that there is really miracles
happen. Example in the movie that entitled “Miracle from heaven” starring, (Kylie
Rogers) as Anna Beam ,(Jennifer Garner) as Christy the mom.When you are
watching this movie you will surely realized that meracles exist
everywhere.  This film was directed by
Patricia Riggen.


story was based on a true life story of the Beam’s family, and because of that
shes know suffering a two rare life threatening digestive disorders, pseudo obstruction
motility disorders and antral hypomptility disorders that resulted in frequent hospital
stay. According to star ocean, this movie won teen choice award and choice
movie drama, nominated teen choice award, and choice actress Jennifer garner.

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          The films success because the
character give their best to play their rule with their all their heart and
giving chance to others to act seriously. Also Kylie Rogers as Anna act simply
but giving all emotions she had even in the off camera scene. She also stands
out with her other movie where she roled as “Sunshine” in space station and
also best known for playing the role Minx Lawrence in the Whispers.


        Kylie Rogers is one of the good American
child actress. During her scenes in the hospital when she woke up, she say’d
that she was dream that she’s in heaven and Jesus talk to her, she tells Jesus
if she can be there always but Jesus said unto her that she is not in her right
time and there are so many things will happen to her and have  millions to do in the word. She’s says and
told it to her mom that ” Heaven was very bright and so very peaceful”. 


       Patricia Riggen states, “Kylie Rogers
and Jennifer Garner” gives their best as performance as the actresses of this
movie, even in some of each movie they have they always makes sure that they
can be a good character in the role they play. Like  when they are talking in the hospitals where
Anna tell to her mom that she is from heaven and talk to Jesus.


       Just as like in others actress where
those working behind the scences with the special effects that give a very
wonderful shots. During the scenes where Anna fell inside of the tree I thought
of having confusing mind that maybe this child would never be good at acting
cause even though there is tied up upon her there are still possible of having
dangerous scene, but unfortunately I am relieved cause she really played her
role with a good job at all.


       The film as being compared to the real
life, being be proud of the director and the staffs and producers, because when
they started to film it in different place in America they got full hearted
comments and views that this movie was really good to the nitizen as usual as
other movie. It can give lessons to everbody.


        As I’ved watch this movie, its strike
my heart and to believe that miracles really exist. Sometimes we cant believed in
it and sometimes we just do nothing and hopefully praying it is exist. “Do we
still believed in it when we cannot experienced it? Or maybe we believed in it
every single day that it is true and truly exist?” are some of the questions we
have in mind, but surely apparently it is really exist as we watched the movie
until its ending.