Music in the present, music can be made by

Music is a form of art that has been known for decades. In
the past decades music was made by just using an instrument; however, in the
present, music can be made by just using the new technologies such as a
computer. There are many types of music genre such as blues, rap, hip-hop, rap,
country and classical and they affect people differently. People listen to
music all day every day. People turn on the radio on their way to work, school,
mall, road trips or just going back home. However, not everyone likes the same
type of music because of the lyrics or just because it is too slow, too fast,
up or down temple or even eclectic. This is because humans have different
personalities; therefore, someone might like hip hop and not like country,
while others might love country music or classical. However, Jasemi, Aazami and
Zabihi have found out that music is good for the body and soul and that it
helps humans with their emotions. One way that music is being used with
patients in the many health settings such as is mental health, oncology,
children and with the elderly in nursing homes is by doing music therapy. There
are many research done to determine if music therapy is effective and
beneficial in patients with mental health disorder or if patients should only
be treated with medications or psychotherapy. According to the research
article, The Effects of Music in Anxiety and Depression of Cancer Patients
(2016) music is an easy, inexpensive, and safe method” that helps patients. Music therapy is
a great benefit for patients with mental health disorders.

health is defined health conditions involving
changes in thinking, emotion or behavior by the American Psychiatric
Association (APA).  Mental health affects everyone, from children to the
elderly and no one should be ashamed of seeking help and treatment. Treatment
settings may include an outpatient clinic, inpatient hospital, schools,
assisted and long-term care nursing homes. There are many diagnoses related to
mental health; however, anxiety and depression are the most diagnoses in a

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is when a person is having emotions that are either caused by worrying too much
or when dealing with a problem, illness or stress. Anxiety is defined by the
American Psychological Association (APA) as an emotion
characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical
changes. The APA also defines depression as being more than just sadness. People with depression may
experience a lack of interest, pleasure in daily activities, significant weight
loss or gain, insomnia or excessive sleeping, lack of energy, inability to
concentrate, feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt and recurrent
thoughts of death or suicide (APA).  Patients
that are diagnosed with anxiety and depression feel sad daily and if not
treated it can affect the patient’s daily life. Anxiety and depression both
affect a patient’s mental health and the patient may not have the appropriate
coping skills to deal with the symptoms. Therefore, a patient may seek
treatment for it, which may include Psychotherapy and medication management.
Psychotherapy or individual sessions are one way that patients can identify the
issues that they are presenting and come up with the right treatment plan and
coping skills to deal with the diagnosis. Patients may need one session or more
to manage the situation and meet their goals. Medication management is provided
to a patient if medication is needed.

are different ways that a patient can have therapy sessions. This can be either
individually or in a group. Another important branch is music therapy. Music therapy
is a type of treatment that can be used to treat patients with any mental
health diagnosis. It is defined by the American music therapy as the clinical and evidence-based use of music
interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic
relationship (American Music Therapy Association 2017). This type of therapy helps patients to reduce the levels
of physical, emotional, and mental health. Music Therapy can only be provided
by therapist who have been educated and have a licensed to practice. Music therapy
is used to achieve therapeutic goals such as self-awareness, improve the
individuals motor skills and cognitive functions. Every individual has an
assessment done and a treatment plan is developed to achieve the therapeutic
goal that has been established.

therapy is being used with patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. Once
a patient has this diagnosis they start to develop anxiety and depression.
Developing this diagnosis is normal in a patient with because it is a
life-changing experience. According to Jasemi, Aazami, and Zabihi (2016)
“anxiety and depression adversely affect the progression of cancer treatment,
progress of cancer disease, treatment efficiency, and the patients’ quality of
life” Therefore, patients were being referred for mental health services such
as individual therapy and the medication management. However, due to the high
rocketing cost in the health systems patients were introduced to a low-cost
treatment, music therapy.

way that music therapy is being used with patients is controlling their pain
levels and learning how to manage it in a nonpharmaceutical approach. Individual
perceive and treat pain in many ways. Music therapy does not treat pain, but it
is an option that patient can use to help with their pain in a
nonpharmaceutical approach. According to Jo-Anne Gaughan-Cabral “Music Therapy
helps during chemotherapy and radiation because it helps the patient relax, it
is mindfulness and soothing” (J. Gaughan-Cabral, Clinic Director December 01,
2017). This is because patients will have to undergo a series of treatment such
as chemotherapy and radiations and music allows for the patient to be able to
express themselves. It helps the patient relax and be able to cope with their
symptom due to treatment.

only is music therapy being used with patients that have been diagnosed with
cancer and develop anxiety and depression, but it is also being used with
patients that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is progressive
and includes memory loss. Due to the changes in a patient, they might develop
mood and behavior changes. Patients that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
can also develop anxiety and depression secondary. Research was done by Wall
and Duffy (2010) that “music contains many different elements, including rhythm
and melody” it helps patients to relax and even can recall some of their
memories.  Therefore, it decreased the
symptoms of their mood and their behavior. Alzheimer’s also can be challenging
to the patient, family and caregivers. Therefore, introducing music therapy is
a great way to manage the symptoms and the changes in behavior that patient
develop. Music therapy is also a great tool to help the patients because it
helps patients calm down, recall their memory and it allows for the patient to
have a social interaction with others and not feel isolated in their own world.

Music therapy is not just listening to music on the radio, cassette or an iPod.
Music therapy can also be by playing an instrument such as a piano, violin or
even just singing out loud.  The delivery
of the therapy will depend on the patients’ abilities and their choice. It
allows for patients not to just improve their emotions but stay active during
the session. Playing the different instruments allows for the patient to
improve their self-esteem and not feel down because of their diagnosis. According
to Jo-Anne Gaughan- Cabral “playing instruments allows for the patient to feel in
control of their emotions and allows for the patient to express them in a convenient
and productive way” (J. Gaughan-Cabral, Clinic Director December 01, 2017).

research, music has been found to be helpful in patients that have developed
anxiety and depression secondary to their main diagnosis, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s
in this case. Music therapy has shown to be helpful with building
communications and coping skills with a patient that have been diagnosed with
different health issues. Music therapy should not only be used for this type of
patient but for children, teenagers and the adults with any diagnosis. Mental illness does not discriminate; it
can affect anyone regardless of your age, gender, income, social status,
race/ethnicity, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, background or other
aspect of cultural identity” (Pankh, 2015). Therefore, Music therapy is
a great, inexpensive way to treat patients with mental health illness primary
or secondary to any health problems because everyone loves music in any shape or
form. From playing music with instruments to listening to a prerecorded song on
their iPod or on social network as YouTube. Music is great tool to use when getting
any type of treatment and a great way to release stress and improve an individual’s
emotions. Music therapy allows for the patient to develop new coping skills to
improve their emotional health and develop a positive outcome that will help them
with their treatments, promote wellness and improve their quality of life.