Music playing with guns, and teenagers watching violent videos;


            Music is an art. Its depend on us
how to make it good or bad. However, in an age of error nowadays, the most
influential thing in people especially teenager’s life is music. Music
influence our mind on how we think, how we act and how we respond on something.
While listening to music, our brain is operating and process in different
areas. For example, motor cortex and cerebellum are concerned on movement, foot
tapping, dancing and playing an instrument. Nucleus accumbens and amygdala is
concerned on emotional reactions to music while hippocampus is concerned on
memory for music, music experiences and context. Moreover, in some
way, shape and form, people tend to listen to various kinds of genre music
because it is an everyday occurrence for most people. High Fidelity states that “People
worry about kids playing with guns, and teenagers watching violent videos; we
are scared that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody
worries about kids listening to thousands – literally thousands – of songs
about broken hearts and rejection and pain and misery and loss”.

            The tittle of the term paper is “does
music bring more negatives impact than positives impact?” This paper will
highlight on bad impact of music instead of its good based on current issues
widespread nowadays like sex abuse, drug and alcohol in argumentative format. Music
brings more cons than pros to the listener and musician because of the lyrics, and
tones, also to the health and learning.

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             Music is not
awful just on its own. One of the factors that make music has its bad impact on
the listener is because of the lyrics. Nowadays, people from all range of age
listen to music. No matter where they are; in a supermarket while doing their
shopping or at a restaurant having their lunch. Music has become a medium to
create a mood to those who listen. However, music that is out listened by
people is popular music that has stupendous beat, pleasing tones but bad and
meaningless lyrics. The norm of today’s music are lyrics which have 8 lines and
are being repeated for 3 minutes, throw in some good upbeat and famous singer,
you will get the most popular music for the month.

             Fewer people are focused about the lyrics and
what they are referring to is it sex? Or is it violence? Or maybe drugs?
analysis has been done by the National Institute on Media in 1999 reported that
out of top 10 CDs there is at least 1 song with sexual content and forty-two
percent contained very explicit sexual content of the songs on these CDs.1  An explicit
content of music that encourages sexualized behavior gives bad impact to the
listener because this kind of music does not warn about the danger of it.
Sexualized behavior may cause unexpected pregnancy or sexually transmitted
disease especially to the teenagers who are in an age where they are most
curious. These kinds of music are the
main reasons why music is bad for the listener. It promotes and glorifies the
use of drugs, sex, and violence. Even though some may say that they listen only
as an entertainment it still has an effect. A study shows disregarding the age of listener, there is a
relationship between music and emotions.2 For example, music that
promotes lust instead of the true meaning of love, blind their listener
thinking that it is okay to be acting the way with what they listen. Based on
an article by Belinda Huang, she said that music may not influence the listener
hundred percent, however, it may affect the judgment of the listener of what is
good and what is bad. This is why an inappropriate use of words and meanings in
music may cause an effect on the judgment of the listener. According to a study
in 2003 published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, “the violent
lyrics stimulate aggressive thoughts and feelings”. Music such as rap or heavy
metal has its negative impact because of the lyrics used advocate the listener
to violence. To make it worse, this type of songs never show the bad effect of
it and those who are easily influenced may think that what they do does not
have any consequences. An exposure that is often to this kind of lyrics may
cause the development of an aggressive personality.


         Howbeit, there is music with lyrics
and tones that give positive impact to the listener, such as music with slow
tempos and low use of tones. There are still choices of music that helps the
listener to decrease their anxiety and stress. This kind of music is the types
that have the element to pacify and boost the self-confidence of the listener. A study found that the right music
can give you the same calming effect as getting a massage.3 In today’s
generation, listening to music has become something easy to do as they do not
have to carry a stereo on their shoulder to hear their favorite song. All songs
can be obtained on the internet, downloaded and played in music device that is
as slim as possible. Students can listen to music while walking to the
classroom or waiting for the bus. They can use music to increase their mood and
release depression. A study
shows that music can help you get your happiness, however, it all depends on
the type of music being listened. A classical and meditative sound may help but
music such as heavy metal and techno may worsen your mood 4. Despite
all this goodness of music they only listened because they are certain of its
good effect on the listener. However, most of the music that is played in the
background or in the radio is lyrics that contain explicit content. People are
most exposed to the song that has negative lyrics more than positive which is
why music is bad for you.


            For the second point of bad impact
is music decrease the health of listener and musician. It can cause many health
issues to the musicians such as focal dystonia, a movement disorder which is
because of using parts of nervous system too much. As we can compare musicians
to athletes in their skills, musicians can also be compared to them in their
afflictions as they suffer from many ailments relating to the profession. Some
of these include tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, anxiety, vocal
fatigue, and overuse syndrome. They practise too hard for having great
performance to entertain their fans. While listening to loud music may tend to
hear loss as too exposed with loud noise frequently. The recent advent of
ubiquitous portable music devices such as earphone, headphone and speaker are
more tending to cause permanent damage to their hearing. According to a recent
study by McMaster’s Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour in
Canada, a growing percentage of teens are engaging in “risky listening habits”
in large part due to the growing trend of shutting out the outside world via
blasting earbuds. Music also may be decreasing the endurance when working out
while listening to music and a relaxing music like soul and ballade music does
not boost strength to a weightlifter.


            However, in other perspective, music
still helps to improve health of listener. One of the way is help in
exercising. Listening to music while exercising help a lot since it can reduce
symptoms of fatigue and feeling enjoy while exercises plus can reduce weight
also. People cannot go on runs without their headphone and earphone while
listening to music serves as motivation to work out harder and may not notice
that just ran an extra mile. Next, music help in people who are trying to
recover from disease or surgery to calm them down and make them smile over all


do many ways to increase their productivity while doing assignments or task
that need to be handed in before the due date. The most common way to distract
oneself from dying of boredom while completing their assignment is by listening
to an upbeat music which can increase their mood. Unfortunately, little do they
know, music actually has bad impacts on learning because it is a distraction to
the listener. There are few elements such as lyrics, the complex structure of
music and types of a task the listener is doing while listening to music which
can be a distraction.

Firstly, the lyric used in the music may affect the productivity of the
listener. When listening to a catchy song listener tend to follow the lyrics
and dance to the rhythm which is why it can be a distraction. Annie Murphy Paul
had said that “when you need to give learning and remembering your full
attention, silence is golden”. It is clear in her statement that when learning
and remembering something, the most effective way to do it is in silence and
peace. In this state, your brain is able to function well without any
disruption which leads to an increased productivity. Next, the structure of the
music itself is the reason music can be a distraction. This is because
listening to music that has a complex structure which includes many types of
beat and chords such as techno music can disrupt your process of thought and is
more distracting and lessen the productiveness. Other main elements how music
can distract the listener is depending on the task of the listener. Works that
needed to concentrate and require the listener to think for the task to be done
is not suitable listening to music.

A study has been done on mice to see if inharmonious music gives an
impact on the mice. The study shows that after listening to that kind of music
the mice have trouble focusing on finding its food compared to the mice that do
not expose to any types of music. This same goes to the human brain when
listening to music the parts of the brain recognize the music which makes the
pumping of the blood much faster and makes you agitate. After that, the
auditory cortex gives an impulse to the brain delivering the great rhythm and
makes the listener wanted to sing and dance. Especially with the lyrics that
are easy to memorize, this obviously will divert the focus and take a long time
for the task to be finished. Not only that, listening to music while driving is
actually dangerous to the driver. A study has been done on teenagers, proved
that teenagers who listened to their own preference for music tend to make more
mistakes while driving compared to those who do not. This is because music is a
distraction to the mind that is needed to focus especially because driving
requires the driver to be alert of its surrounding.


            Nevertheless, music
still helps in learning process of those who listen to music. One may argue
that the productivity of those who listen to music increase as they listen to
their favourite song or tunes. According to The Benefits of Music Education by
The Royal Conservatory April 2014 article, music education is powerful tool for attaining
children’s full intelectual, social and creative potential such as it speeds
the development of speech and reading skills. It trains children to focus their
attention for sustained periods and helps children gain a sense of empathy for
others. Moreover, music may help in term of long memory and improve creativity.
One study state that a moderate noise is thee sweet spot for creativity. Even
more than low noise levels, ambient noise apparently gets our creative juices
flowing and does not put us off the way high levels of noise do.