My Americans hasn’t changed. This story was written in

My written task is a poetry anthology, that I wrote about the themes in a book we read as a class. The themes that I discuss in my poems acquired in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Themes of Independence is important part of the story, because Janie the protagonist tries hard to find what she wants, but everyone else’s opinion seems control her life. Racism is in this book, the story is set in a time and place, where racism was prevalent, it is not a central theme of the story. But it does have a role in the story. The purpose of my anthology was to inform readers of the 21st century that racism is still a factory in our society today. Although the circumstances have changed throughout the years, people’s mindsets and views towards African Americans hasn’t changed. This story was written in 1936, it still has social relevance in our society. In the poem I speak on barriers we face as a  black community. I also discuss how we still face oppression today.Yes slavery has ended, but people’s mindset toward the black community hasn’t changed. I alluded to the past of working on plantations. I also speak on being forced into a system created for our downfall. The system was built by whites, for white success. I address the theme of colorism and hatred toward skin color. We are told time and time again through social media that black isn’t ‘beauty’, we are taught to hate ourselves for white people to be uplifted. In society white women our put on a pedestal, and black women must conform to the standard of beauty. I address the lack of opportunities for blacks like in education and we are criticised of our graduation rates. The theme you could find throughout my poems were that the system is broken and isn’t in our favor, but rather the white man who built it.Prompt 2  Black in America                                                                                                                      Being black in America, held back They are afraid of ya Misfortune in a system Built for our downfall Can’t speak my truth, unable to stand tallAfraid of the the monsters under my bedI grew up and now the monsters are running the governmentWhat wrong is now what is right We fight the fight, but the fear is running my life Undenyable, centuries of brutality we faced Choked out, they taught us to hate our own raceThey shame our melanin, but truthfully our skin is golden Erasing our roots, we were ripped of our culture, We are no longer tied down, with hope we soar like vulturesUnaccepted, we are excluded out the situation They add and subtract us like we are the problem in the equationWe are denied an education, blamed for the lack of graduation With frustration they changed our location, chained we were forced to work on those plantations Everything we read is in the white man’s narration, in relation, forced to pay taxationIn hopes of moving forward we rely on this generation Prompt 2The time is nowLooked upon as wrongShut out, but we’re supposed to stay strong No notion, in fear of causing a commotionWe are forced to stay silent, indeed my blackness is said to cause a riotThey sell us their product, forced to buy it My skin isn’t of their complexion, lighten and brightenAct proper and your success will heightenActions are stronger than words, but their reactions to the small infractions Are to take legal actionWithout a doubt they have caused a distraction We are in need of some affirmative actionBlack lives matter, fundamental interaction All lives matter for their mental satisfactionSuppressed and oppressed,been denied all our request Shoved bullets in our chest, fought for so long, anxious for rest