My confident because when you become open-minded you aren’t

My core values include self-respect, reliability, open-mindedness, patience and good humor. Self-respect is important to me because I believe that having pride and confidence in oneself is the main key to success. The reason why I believe this is because having confidence will get you more opportunities. Being confident will make it easier for you to achieve things because when you believe in yourself, you become highly motivated and you set the bar high for yourself and it makes you want to work harder. Being confident will also let you become more comfortable with disagreeing or agreeing with your peers, making you your own leader. Being open minded comes in hand with being confident because when you become open-minded you aren’t confined by anyone’s beliefs and it helps you gain confidence since there are no expectations that you are required to meet. Being open-minded is important because you are able to learn and experience new things that will help you view the world from different perspectives and help build ideas. Reliability ensures that people can trust you and it will help create a network with others resulting in an expansion of your personal productivity. Another important core value is patience. In life things don’t occur in an instant, things take time to develop. Being patient will help you achieve long-term goals and it will help you see things clearly. It helps in making educated decisions that will lead to a smooth path instead of a frustrating and complicated one. Having patience is hard but the outcome is worth it. The last core value is the one that I wholeheartedly believe in and that is having a good sense of humor. Many people have a tendency to be serious when it comes to school, their jobs or life in general. I believe that having a good humor helps stay positive when times aren’t the best. Sometimes you need a good laugh to remind yourself that things aren’t always going to be negative and that things will get better. It also helps relieve stress and helps you think of positive things you can do with your life. In essence the core values I chose help build confidence, connections, joy and helps achieve goals.