My for a medical career is further reflected in

My decision to study medicine, specifically dermatology, initially stemmed from my experience seeing my 8-year-old brother suffer from chronic acne. While it may seem like a small issue, his condition really affected his self-confidence, and our efforts to treat him in varying countries proved futile. This made me realize the significant impact a disease can have on a patient and their family and the fulfillment of wielding knowledge to solve the puzzle that will alleviate the victim’s physical and emotional suffering or trauma. This is at the nucleus of my desire to study Medicine at Weill Cornell University in Qatar. My unwavering drive to become a doctor has been ever-strengthening throughout these past 8 years. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme has encouraged me to use both my personal traits and academic achievement to excel in my studies, as well as challenging and enhancing my time-management and organizational skills throughout different assessments. My aspiration for a medical career is further reflected in my IB subjects: Higher Level Biology and Chemistry. In my biology internal assessment, I explored the importance of vitamin C in the human body, and how it can prevent scurvy in bones, gums and blood vessels. I further investigated how temperature can deteriorate the levels of ascorbic acid in pineapple, and discovered the optimal temperature required to prevent ascorbic acid from deteriorating to maintain healthy bones, teeth, gums, and ligaments. Moreover, in my chemistry internal assessment, I investigated the levels of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in different water samples. COD provides an index to measure the effect of discharge waste on the environment. The level of oxygen dissolved in water is important for aquatic life, so low oxygen demand can develop into anaerobic conditions and be deleterious to aquatic life. Overall, these research essays have allowed me to strengthen my critical and analytical skills. The human body is a complex machine that functions in fascinating and mysterious ways. Having the chance to work with patients showed me that this system can sometimes fail, causing minor troubles and pains, as well as other lethal irritant issues. When thinking of factors that have fostered my interest in medicine, one of the most prominent experiences to come to mind is my shadowing of a group of doctors, medical students, nurses and administrative staff in the Internal Medicine department at Hamad General Hospital. This program provided me with the opportunity to observe clinical multidisciplinary team meetings and other processes firsthand. I was able to become more aware of the challenges of the medical profession. Consequently, I came to appreciate each individual’s role in providing the maximum effective health care for each patient and their family. Through this experience, I realized that treating patients in a holistic manner was an essential key for doctors to build a good relationship with their patients. I observed the various skills doctors use in difficult situations, such as showing empathy, responsiveness, and patience. Overall, I believe that this experience vastly improved my knowledge of medicine, reinforcing my desire to become a doctor. Another great incentive for my desire to study Medicine at Weill Cornell University Qatar is the diligent and forward-thinking atmosphere of the university itself. I was first exposed to this in Weill Cornell’s Qatar Aspiring Doctor program in 2016, where I was able to explore student life, in addition to the academic rigor of the course.  On top of this enriching introduction, the course provided me with the unique opportunity to develop my research skills through different research sessions, in addition to improving my communication skills during medical presentations. The exciting and fascinating nature of this course motivated me to join the High School Medical Conference, also hosted by Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar. These two courses augmented my research, communication, and team-work skills and have largely contributed to our team’s success and ability to move on to the second round. This opportunity gave me an insight into the endless research opportunities in medicine; I understood that medicine is much more than just communicating with patients and prescribing treatments, but far beyond that. In such an academically demanding program as the IB, I regularly paint and draw to clear my thoughts and relax my mind. I believe that drawing requires some similar skills as medicine such as determination, commitment, stamina and a willingness to put in long hours, mastering small skills to achieve a perfectly symmetrical piece of art. Overall, I am very motivated and enthusiastic about the opportunity to study medicine, and I am committed to pursuing this challenging but undeniably gratifying journey. Despite the difficulties I will face when pursuing a career in medicine, starting with my journey as a medical student, I am eager to learn and to make a positive change in the world.