My it Deep Blue Lake. A legislation was signed

My report is on Crater Lake National Park, the park is located in Southern Oregon. The park stretches for 183,224 acres. The highest elevation point is at 8,929 ft this point is known as Mount Scott. The coordinates of Crater Lake is 97 km northwest of Klamath falls and 130 km northeast of Medford. Average depth of the lake is 1,148ft the max depth is 1,949ft. The park is known for climate of cool summers and heavy snowfall in the winter. The park was established on May 22,1902 it was formed by a collapsed volcano. This lake is actually the deepest lake in the United States of America.The first visit to Crater Lake was in 1853, the person who founded this national park was explorer John W Hillman. When John first discovered the lake he originally named it Deep Blue Lake. A legislation was signed by President Roosevelt making crater lake the 6th national park in America in 1902. The snowfall is so heavy in the park that the snow can stick around till July. The lake has never been completely been frozen before, but the last time it almost froze completely was in 1985. Since Crater lake was formed from a volcano that volcano continued to erupt. These other eruptions caused the caldera to form it also caused formed a cone shaped body of land which is now called Wizard island.In Crater Lake more than 40 caves are present. There are ice bounded lava flow formations. No streams run in or out the lake because the water is only maintained by rainfall and evaporation, this explains why the water is dark blue and why it was originally named deep blue lake. The rocks that are present contain magnesium minerals. The rocks mostly contain a volcanic substance called Porphyritic Andesite. The crater structure was formed by a volcano called mount Mazama it erupted about 7,000 years ago. The eruption caused the mountain to collapse which caused the caldera or dip to form.    A major plant is the aquatic moss of the lake following pine and mountain hemlock. Animals that live in Crater Lake are the Roosevelt elk, American marten, and the clark’s nutcracker. The Roosevelt elk were almost going to go extinct because of hunters. The American marten still lives in the park but it is kind of new to the park, it has only been around for a couple of years. The clark’s nutcracker which was named after William Clark. The nutcracker is classified as a songbird.     Crater Lake has two motels where you can stay by reserving ahead of time. You can do alot of things in May and June like biking on the Rim drive of the crater. You can watch the local park film with friends and family. There are spots where you can set up camp and stay the over for as long as you like. If you did not come prepared it’s ok crater lake has there own store by there campsites where you can go and get groceries or anything you forgot to bring. In order to reach all these spots you can bike and drive on trails. Make sure to keep a paper map on you because in some areas of the park there is no signal for GPS.