My of mental health issues in an American Institution.

My goals exists to study a degree in Mental Health Nursing, I
believe that this is one of the most emotionally fulfilling careers available.
I trust that my warmth to nurture individual will reimburse me with my future
vocation. I am particularly interested in how society views Mental Health
issues and how different cultural values effect those implicated by mental
illness. This will give me the opportunity to study a degree that will gain
more understanding of both academic and practical studies that will best suit
my work ethics of a nursing degree. I take delight in the contrast portrayal of
mental health with documentaries of ‘Kalief Browder’ that shows the significant
experiences of mental health issues in an American Institution. My health and
social care course taught me the clinical skills and the care base values
needed to identify individual’s mental health. Furthermore, I have learnt about
the biological effects on mental health and the different psychological
approaches that used upon patients, this was from my health and social care
units 8 and 19, as they taught me the applied science of gaining insight into
different behavioural triggers and how they lead to behavioural changes for
individuals. Through to this I trust I have the transferable abilities, which
can be utilised as part of mental health profiles that covers all parts of the
care direct. With singular perspective parts of psychological wellness goes
under the assistances of mastering mental illness and the evaluations of
providing psychotherapy services for individual. I trust it’s my commitment to
oblige help for the recuperation through to the natural variables and
educational experience of emotional well-being. From what I have gained from
work placement working with special needs students with different formality of
impairments, has allowed me to develop a skill set of communications kills,
empathetic understanding and working as part of a team. I became interested in
how to assist the students to develop their independence and took pride in
helping them improve and gain social skills. I am a student leader and have
been elected as a representative for my course, I have been involved with
planning and organising many college events, I have trained as a peer to peer
mentor. I have worked in projects around safer sex education as well as
personal safety and drugs education. With these experiences they have raised my
confidence in the managing a variety of workloads as well as dealing with
conflicting situations whilst applying teaching techniques. Through my
voluntary work experience I have learnt about cultural appropriateness and the
values of listening skills to acknowledge other people’s point of view. I
believe these transferable skills would be important for a career in mental
health nursing. Outside of schooling I am employed in a fast food restaurant I
have developed my skills in dealing with customers and dealing with complaints
to reach a positive outcome, studying and working at the same time has helped
me to develop my ability to manage a variety of workloads. As Notwithstanding I
guarantee you I am committed candidate to your institution I am a responsible
and ambitious young person who is always willing to learn new knowledge and
skills. I have developed a mature approach to any task that is presented to me.
 My experiences in varies job profiles
has exposed me to rigour learning structure, work experiences and training
obtained in recent time, and as such believe I am well prepared to face the
challenging university learning environment if given the opportunity and
privilege to progress.