My pretty easy choice. My mom is a technology

My interest in World War ll has grown since I was in sixth grade when I started reading World War ll books. Just this summer I began to expand into reading books about the Berlin Wall such as A Night Divided. A Night Divided was such a good book that I continued to gain knowledge through books and research on the Berlin Wall. When I heard the theme for National History Fair I asked my dad if he thought that The Berlin Wall would fit. After a long discussion I decided that if I wrote it the right way involving certain details then It would definitely fit.  I knew that it would take a lot more research and I would have to expand my research beyond just reading books.     Though the research itself was very time consuming it paid of in the end. I used different sources such as pictures, interviews, website, and even a couple of animated videos.I knew a lot about the Berlin Wall when I began and knew that in order to do this project I needed a complete understanding of the berlin wall. To do this I used an animated video which showed me the full story of the wall. Starting with the end of World War ll and continuing on to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Next once I had a more detailed history of the wall I began to research the smaller details of the Wall, such as why it was set in place, escapes from the wall, who controlled each section of berlin, and so on. Once I had finished my research I had to choose my project which for me was a pretty easy choice.  My mom is a technology teacher and I love to learn how to do new things on the computer, for me computers are full of tools just waiting to be discovered. From the start I knew I would be wanting to do something technological. I guess a website was the best choice for me because I have loved exploring the program and anding my own touch to the project. After choosing my project topic and conducting research I was finally able to decide how it fit in with this year theme conflict and compromise in history.  The Berlin Wall represents 50 years of conflict between the Soviet Union and the other free countries throughout the world, knowing this the Soviet Union also saw that in order to prevent bankruptcy (due to their need to match the U.S. military spending) they would need to Compromise by tearing the Wall down and returning West Berlin to germany. In the end the Soviet union and the USA both sustained substantial debt  but due to the different economies, Americas being Capitalist and the Soviets being communist, America managed to get out of this debt, The Soviets however did not and thus caused the fall of the Soviet Union, and the rise of Russia. Long term impact:The fall of the Soviet Union the fall of communism in Europe. Germany is now a united country. The Soviet Union no longer exists and is now Russia. There was a museum built fifteen years after the wall’s destruction. There are still celebrations and festivals to remember this event.Short term impact:  Germany was now a united country. East Germany adopted the same currency and people could cross the borders freely.