My this field through the Power System Analysis, Switchgear

My decision to pursue Postgraduate study is inspired by the desire to combine my creativitywith specialized knowledge to invent and enhance technology for this ever changing world. Ihave chosen Electrical Power Systems Engineering as the field of my Masters studies wherein Iam determined to obtain a leadership position in research and innovation. I am confident thatPostgraduate study at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University ofManchester will serve as a bridge between the potential and this career goal of mine.I always like to delve deeper into the subjects that interest me. This passion, along with myhardworking ability, has not only placed me in the top 20% of undergraduate class but alsoenabled me to gain detail knowledge of subjects related to Electrical Power System. Forexample, when I was introduced to Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power in myfreshman year, I tried to find out how power, after being generated, transmitted and distributed toa long distance through thousands meters of bare conductors. As a result, I kept discoveringmore on this field through the Power System Analysis, Switchgear and Protection, PowerStations, Renewable Energy Conversion courses in the subsequent semesters. By the same token,at my final academic year, I undertook a thesis on “Prospect of Micro-Hydro for SustainableDevelopment of Bangladesh”. This thesis work made me to go through a lot of field works andlaboratory works such as site selection, stream flow and head measurement, controlling ofMicro-Hydro. The ultimate reward came when this thesis work was approved at a national andan international conference.The professional experiences that I have gained are quite diversified. My first job was at a heavyindustry equipped with modern machineries, where I learned a lot about motors, generators,transformers, inverters and many more. However, I switched my job to Southern UniversityBangladesh as a Lecturer where I got a chance to supervise an undergraduate project on “AViability Study for Mini-Hydro Power generation from Shahasradhara Waterfall,Sitakunda, Bangladesh”. The other notable undergraduate projects which were supervised byme in recent years are Controlling of DC motor drive using RF technology (micro-controllerbased), Controlling and Monitoring of Power transformer using GSM technology(microcontroller based) and Solar Battery Charge-Controller using micro-controller technology.All these academic and professional experiences encouraged me to enroll into the Postgraduateprogram.Having maintained the high quality research work with industrial relevance at School ofElectrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester is always been the targetedinstitution for many of the young and enthusiastic learners and I am one of them. After comingback to my country, on learning various advanced topics of power system on smart gridtechnologies, high voltage engineering, I will put my knowledge to the betterment of socioeconomiccondition of my country through making stabilization between the cost of energy andits environmental impact.Ten years from now, I envisage myself as an academician, researcher and educatordemonstrating strong leadership role in research and innovation. For this I need adequateacademic preparation beyond my undergraduate study. I will consider my mission of lifeaccomplished if the knowledge gained from this great institution can have meaningful impact onpeople’s lives.