My Within the United States, we genetically modify and

name is Shiraz Abaddi. I am proud to be a student at Lehman College
and I am a junior. I am a Muslim American and a first generation
American. I am writing to address the concern of poultry that is
being served in the cafeteria. I hope that Lehman College would
consider to be aware of where and how the poultry is being bred and
designed such as the use of antibiotics. I am concerned as a student
who attends to this college and for the people who consume your food.

I hope to improve the quality of food we consume with your help.

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the United States, we genetically modify and redesign chickens to our
liking. We are responsible for the breeding, hormones and nutrition
we provide for these chickens, and we use antibiotics to do this.

Within the United States, 80% of antibiotics that are sold every year
go to farm animals which creates resistant bacteria. Many farms feed
antibiotics to their chickens to prevent diseases, however, as we eat
these chickens our bodies become at risk of developing
antibiotic-resistant gastrointestinal infection, as well as
developing a urinary tract infection. Also, Antibiotics within
animals are also used to fatten them up and protect them from the
poor conditions they are raised in. As we are in a post-antibiotic
era, we will soon die from infections due to antibiotic resistance.

The bacteria within our bodies compete for resources and food by
producing lethal compounds that they direct one another. With
resistance, we lose our protection and confident way of living and we
will start to fear minor infections. Within healthcare, 45% of given
antibiotics by doctors are useless and are for conditions antibiotics
cannot help with anyway.
ask to support the farmers that don’t give antibiotics to their
chickens. We should be conscious about the choices we are making and
what is being served within the cafeteria. I appreciate you taking
the time to read this. I hope we can make a difference to improve the
school and to improve our way of eating.