n lost on a desert island with many other

n some
difficult situations, some children can put aside their childish character and
become an adult figure, a mature person able to make mature decisions. This can
be seen with the character Piggy in William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies.
He is just an overweight with glasses intelligent boy who represents the
intellectual balance to leaders of the British boys. When he finds himself lost
on a desert island with many other boys, he becomes the mature one. Even though
he is the most unpopular and disliked kid on the island, he never stops saying
his mature point-of-view on the problems they have, and never stops trying to
get the other kids to acknowledge his adult opinion. Piggy represents the adult
and rational figure of the island, this is proven many different ways in the
whole novel.


The first when
it is seen how Piggy represents the rational adult figure is when at the beginning
on the book he takes the initiative of writing down the names of the boys. As
if he was an adult Piggy sees each boy as a human being with the right of being
called by their name. It matters to him because people having names is a system
of rules and order. Even on meetings, Piggy respects the feelings and thoughts
of everyone, while the other boys just care about themselves. Again, as the
contrary to the others, he has a consideration for little the little boys: – “Let
him have the conch!” shouted Piggy. “Let him have it!”
At last Ralph induced him to hold the shell but by then the blow of laughter
had taken away the child’s voice. Piggy knelt by him, one hand on the great
shell, listening and interpreting to the assembly. – He, as an adult
understands how difficult it can be for little boys to communicate so he always
stands up for them. Piggy acts responsibly with all the kids, such as the time
he goes to Castle Rock to try to save all the kids from becoming more savages.
Golding is able to show us how piggy is just doing it because as he says, “what’s
right is right”.

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It is proven in
other ways how Piggy is illustrated as the adult of the island, some of his
actions are the same that a parent would do. Sometimes, he is like the father
of some of the boys. This can be seen in many situations such as when Jack and
his hunters abandon the fire to go hunting even though it was their task. No
exception is that the fire went out, but as soon as Piggy heard of it he gets
mad “You didn’t ought to have let that fire out. You said you’d keep the smoke
going”. He is just as a father telling what is wrong and what is right to his