Name: doing research on manager and leader are they

Name: Leong Huey Kee

Student ID: 15062912

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          Before I start doing my coursework, I felt that leader and manager are the same people because in an organisation the manager will lead their subordinate to finish the project that is given by the senior manager. The person must be the same when doing a project. As I further doing research on manager and leader are they the same person, I discover that many organisations said that manager and leader are two different persons. Even though the type of work is the same, but leader will assist their subordinate on how to get the job done while manager will give the task to their subordinates and provide guidance on how to finish it using his/her method to complete the task before the due date.

          After reading the journal that given by lecturer and I have found some related journal about manager and leader roles, I had learnt that leader create vision, so the vision can turn into reality in workplace. The subordinates are willing to help leader to achieve the vision. While manager will create goals to the subordinates and control the process of the work to achieve targeted goals within given date. Other than this, I also learn that leaders are risk-taker and they focus on long term investment. Managers are controlling the risk of the tasks and they only focus on short term investment. Managers are unwilling to take high-risk project even though the project will make better profit than a low-risk project.

          Moreover, leader has some personal characteristics such as intelligent, good in communicating with the employee, so subordinate will admire him/her and willing to become a follower. Manager have skill such as good in time management, good in organising which project should have done first which they learn from the stage of junior staff until he/she have become a manager in the company. Based on my understanding, many leaders are born and not made by himself/herself. Leaders are people oriented which built good relationship with their employee. Manager are task oriented which does not care about other people feeling. They want their subordinate to achieve better outcome for the company.

          I think that even though they are two different person but they can actually work together in an organisation to have better result. Every company will need to have a leader and manager, so the CEO of the company can arrange which task is more suitable for leader or manager to do the task. Every employee has their own ability which sometimes the project need task-oriented person or people-oriented person to do the project. In today business world, manager will need to have leadership skill to lead their subordinate, so they can work efficiently. I think that company can give some training on both leadership and management skill to their employee, so they can perform well in the organisation.