Network to expand their organization and the other which

Network Design

Local Area Network

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Within a same
organization, the use of the local area network is very
effective.  The interconnected computers
or workstations which share the data and services composed in the Local Area
Network. Moreover, the Local Area Network supplies the network capability to
the several computers which may be present in an office building. In order to
share resources, files, printers or other application, the LAN plays an
important role. Moreover, it can be connected to some other local area network
also. The cost to hardware require for the local area network is also not much,
because the local area network uses inexpensive hardware like Ethernet, hubs
and network adapters (Mitchell).

As the layout of the DesignIT consists of
several cubicles, computers and the server room, the LAN network will best suit this layout. The six computers that the
DesignIT is planning to add into their business layout in order to expand their
organization and the other which are already present can be interconnected
using the local area network. And from the server room, these computers can be
managed so that easy sharing of files, resources and the printers that
available in the DesignIT organization can be done.

Network Architecture

Client Server Architecture

In the client-server architecture,
several numbers of clients send the request to the server and the server
respond back by sending the requested resources to the respective clients. The
network servers that provide requested resources to the clients can be one or
more as per the requirement or the layout of the business organization and
these network servers are also known as computer servers or the servers only.
The clients are the workstations or the computers and for the data and the
software, they depend on the server. The servers manage the various network tasks
and services by running their own orating system.

in the layout of the DesignIT, there are four cubicles before and the company is
planning to add six more computers, then the request and the services of these
workstations can be managed easily by using
the client-server architecture. There is a server room also from where the
server will manage these computers’ request and respond them back with their
respective request. The computers that send request can be called as clients (Zandbergen). One or more client
can send request to the server. The
client server architecture looks like:


client can be one or more and the servers also, more than one client can send
request to the servers and the server will send back the response the all the
clients as per their requests.

LAN and WLAN wiring consideration

to the installation of LAN and WLAN, there
are few wiring considerations that should be kept in mind and these are:


access point will need a wiring closet
that will run from it to the nearest Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF). The
cable length can be 100 meters. If through the cable, we cannot reach the area,
then the different access point can be attached with each other through the
wireless using meshing concept.

Area layout

the area layout consists of the metal, then while installing LAN, then a
special consideration should be kept in mind as the metal can block the signal
as well as create multipath.


much area will the LAN and WLAN cover depend on the fact that how large the LAN
and the WLAN system is. If the layout of the company is going to be expanding
in the future, then these systems are scalable. But initially, it is important
to save time and cost by having the needed length of the LAN and WLAN.

Site Survey

is important to analyze coverage mapping as well as the spectrum analysis. Spectrum analysis will analyze the
interference with other frequencies if exist. Ad, the coverage mapping will
ensure that whether the coverage requirements are met or not (Yoder, 2009).

Thus, it is important to consider these
considerations for LAN and WLAN.

options and costs

(jgreco, 2013) The hardware options
and their respective cost for the DesignIT is recommended as follows:





Supermicro X9SCM
(support more than 4 SATA ports and bunch of USB ports)



3.3GHz Xeon E3-1230v2 (has 8MB cache, 69-watt
TDP up to 32GB ECC)

Around $220



Around $50- $60

Hard Drives



Boot Device

Three 4GB USB flash device




Security Considerations

For Firewall

by acting as a barrier between the unauthorized access and the network,
protects the network and provide security. But,
various security considerations should be adopted in order to provide more

The information being send to the network
by the user should be encrypted first, so that no other unauthorized user can
access the network. If by any way he enters the network, still could not access
the confidential information as the encryption
mechanism is being used. For added security, the firewall should be
configured in such a way that it only accepts connection from the authorized
clients (Firewall Considerations).

Antivirus software

purpose of the antivirus is to stop the malicious threats from attacking the
system. But, various security
considerations should be adopted in order to provide more security:

The antivirus being used should have the
best virus detection rate.Regular updating should be done, in order
to add more security to the system.Smaller footprints (Antivirus
Software You Can Count On).


Software options and cost

hardware options and their respective cost for the DesignIT is recommended as




Productivity Suite

Microsoft Office
2010 Professional



Antivirus 2011

$128 for 10 users


Nero Multimedia Suite 10


Email Client

Microsoft Outlook


Operating System

Window 7 professional



of this commercial software for operating system, productivity suite,
antivirus, CD/DVDs and email client, the free
software are also available for all of these software options (Pacchiano,


labor cost, equipment cost and the service cost for the recommended cost is
expected to be as follows:




Labor Cost

It includes direct wages, transport,
social wages and the payments for health and retirements.


Equipment Cost

It includes the cost of various equipment’s
like machinery, hardware and software.


Service Cost

It includes the cost of different
services being provided to the employees of the organization.




Single point of failure

the LAN uses single switch and all the routers are connected to it, then the
failure can occur if the switch fails to work.

Mitigating Technique:

the server fails due to the failure in the switch, then it is suggested to use
the more than one switches so that
single point of failure can be prevented. And, moreover, we can use more than
one server, if one server fails to handle requests, then other server can come
into picture and handles the requests.



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