New technologies were the cause for the tremendous change

New technologies were the cause for the tremendous change in the United States industry from 1865-1900 by expanding the system of industrial production. New technologies like railroads, subways, steam engine, typewriters, and telephones allowed new methods for easier communication, production, and transportation. These new changes in industry offered more jobs to women, refining techniques, business organizations, and the creation of new laws. During 1865-1900 the significant cause for the creation of new inventions was technology and that allowed many people to work since new inventions created new jobs. An invention that changed the industry of the U.S. drastically was the assembly line. This invention changed the way factory work and employment was running. It’s creation was to speed up production causing a boost of economy to the U.S. since the exports began to arose. The assembly line wanted to make the factory work more beneficial and productive. If the assembly line was never brought up the United States wouldn’t have been able complete its needs. This made an organized and fast production process. This technology caused a significant change since it relieved tension in the industry. It also gave many more people more new job opportunities since every new invention required workers. Antonio Meucci and Christopher Latham Sholes both developed two great inventions that drastically changed the communication of U.S. industry. Antonio Meucci had the idea of a talking telegraph, a telephone, and his invention made communication easier. On the other hand, Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter allowing more job opportunities to women. These inventions were a significant cause to the way office work was changing. Every invention created creates new jobs and these two inventions did just that, new jobs were offered. Many women worked as a typist because of the typewriter. Antonio Meucci’s  telephone invention made communication way faster by being able to communicate with other countries. The typewriter and the telephone were two big and great inventions that impacted the industry of the United States between 1865-1900.Railroads were invented by 1865 and because of these railroads there was now a better and faster way of transportation. These railroads were a significant cause for the catalogs being able to send people things all over the place. This invention helped the industry of transportation between 1865-1900. The cause for railroads invention led to a lot demands for steel. Although there was a lot of different types of steel being invented Andrew Carnegie had the biggest name in steel he controlled the manufacture of steel. Carnegie controlled iron mines, coal mines, and rails by mastering the skill and work of vertical integration. The Bessemer process was a process that made steel better, stronger, faster and at a lower process which benefited Andrew Carnegie. Steel was a very important factor for the foundation of the economy. Oil was another important transportation factor between 1865-1900. John D. Rockefeller created Standard oil back in 1870. Oil quickly monopolized refining techniques and became a good to transportation. Unlike the steel company of vertical integration the oil company had horizontal integration which also controlled business. Oil later gets use to make electricity for the industry. Oil and steel brought big business organizations during the movement of production in the industry. There was a huge change in the industry of the United States due to all the new inventions being made. Many inventions benefited transportation, like the railroad, benefited production, like the assembly line, and it benefited communication, like the telegraph and telephone. Technology changing between 1845-1900 allowed many people job opportunities since new inventions ment new jobs. Overall the U.S. drastically changed for the better in the 19th century.