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Nishat ChoudhuryMusic 0901/23/2018Assignment 1In Bangladesh, everyone enjoyed the various types of music that were composed not only in the country but also from India and other neighboring countries. From listening to the classical music to the modern music in various languages enabled me to learn different languages when I was young.  Throughout my entire life, I have listened to different types of music from India, Pakistan, Middle East and Hispanic countries. Out of all of the songs I listened to from my playlist, for this prompt I am going to analyze a hindi song called Ban Ja Rani which is composed and sung by Guru Randhawa. The song begins with the rhythmic strokes on the guitar which sets the tone and the mood for the song; many times depending on the composer, the beginning part of the song allows the listener to know the type of genre the music would be. Next, the music progresses with whistles that slowly merges with the guitar. The guitar and the whistle then begin to combine into one melody. When the singer begins to sing in slow and smooth pace, the whistling disappears and a pattern of clapping begins which repeatedly follows the duple meter. When the singer starts to sing, he sings in a triple meter with a slow tempo. As the singer begins to sing in night pitch voice, I can hear the guitar and the clappings with a little twinkling sound from the triangle in the back. He ends the first stanza with echo and the instruments xylophone, flute and violin are added to the music. The music also follows the pattern of triple meter. Then, the singer begins song with more lower pitch and continues with the same pattern. The song suggests soft, and soothing feeling.One of the music video that I chose from the list of music is called Ney Solo from the online textbook. The only instrument that was used in this music was a flute, which is an aerophone. The composer started off with a rapid quadruple beat. Then, the beat of the music altered to duple beat but the same rate of swiftness. The beat, then, changes into an unmetered beat with a very high pitch. The composer slowly returns to the quadruple beat by playing the instrument. There was a pause for couple seconds, but then the musician returns to the high pitched unmetered beat. He ends the song with a duple beat smoothly. I believe the style was very consistent because there was only one use of one kind of instrument. As to my expectations, the music was calm and soothing since it is known how the flute sounds like. However, both the music that were chosen had a relaxing beat. The relaxed vibe came from the instruments that were used.