Noise in school. This causes kids attention span to

Noise PollutionNoise pollution is the noises that disturbs someone. This is a problem because noise pollution can cause hearing problems, health issues, sleeping disorders, etc.. Urban Noise PollutionA big one is urban noise pollution. Urban noise pollution is when things bother people in a small town. Whether that be traffic, airplanes, or trains. It is said that this noise pollution has an effect on both children and adults but not in the same way. It makes kids lose focus and adults crabby if you will, because of the lack of sleep. People think that urban noise pollution occurs most in popular cities like Chicago, New York City, and L.A.. But it occurs more in small towns and rural areas. They have rarely reduced urban noise pollution with little funds. Although the airlines have reduced urban noise pollution by using new engines. Issues of Noise PollutionIssues of noise pollution is health problems. Kids go to school tired and are unable to focus in school. This causes kids attention span to lower and them to get bad grades and not perform to the fullest.Another Issue is adults. Adults have more of a crabby side effect to noise pollution. It causes adults to lose sight of things happening around them. Heart attacks, amnesia, cardiovascular diseases, etc. are all symptoms of noise pollution. It has skyrocketed to outrageous numbers in the past few years. Noise a has been louder than ever and we are still finding ways to silence the world. People say the thing that most bothered them in their city is noise and people have actually moved because of the disturbance of noise from mostly traffic, airlines, and subway transportation.How to Deal With Noise PollutionWear earplugs -It is said that even the least expensive earplugs have the same effect as expensive earplugs, so either one would reduce noise so you can have the dreamy night sleep you wanted. Also wearing earplugs to sleep reduces snoring to none.Close your window-Just close your window, whether your sleeping, reading, cooking, etc., close your window. I know whenever i don’t wanna hear noise from outside that’s the first thing I immediately do, and it 100% works.Buy a rug-Rugs can be a very good noise cancelling thing to use, to cancel out all those unnecessary noises. MOVE-JUST MOVE! This is my own because if you’re in a big city like Chicago. Just move to a rural area, or a small suburban neighborhood.How to Reduce Noise Pollution You can easily reduce noise pollution by turning volume down, shutting your door, turning appliances off, etc.. You can easily stay away from loud noises by just not going by them. If noise was noising me that much to the point where I was having anxiety and health issues. I would just move.