Noise it to ASCII meaning that the end user

Noise is
picked up when people try and record someone’s voice and it varies whether it
is for analogue or digital signal. The advantage of digital signal is that even
if noise is picked up during recording, the sound of the noise is very low in
amplitude meaning that you won’t be able to hear it as much. Another advantage
is that the digital signals can travel further and also can send more data than
analogue signals. Also as digital signals use binary, it can be used to convert
it to ASCII meaning that the end user can understand what the code is saying. One
of the advantages of analogue signals is that it has the ability to describe
endless amount of data. Also it is easier to process the data because you can
connect analogue components such as a microphone, to record the sound data and
send it through to the computer. However, there are disadvantages to analogue
signals, which is that they catch anything that is being recorded and this
could be the little things that may be going on outside the building or inside
the room called noise. You can try and prevent the noise by adding a filter to
your recording device so it only picks up your voice, but it also depends on
how good your microphone is.

data is represented electronically through bits and bytes. A bit is a binary
digit so it can be either 0 or 1. A byte is equal to 8 bits that consists of
0’s and 1’s, e.g. 00111010. On the internet data can be sound, images or text.

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All of the data is converted into numbers – bits and bytes. Computers can’t
understand letters so they are converted into binary. The computer then
translates it back from binary to an ASCII format for the user to understand.

ASCII is short for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and it is
used by computers to convert binary numbers to a letter in the alphabet,
numbers or special characters. There are a total of 128 characters in the
English language and they are all represented as numbers. For example, 0100
1000 = H and 0110 1001 = i. It will be much more complicated in the computers
since there will be more letters than this.

There are
different types of signal channels available and it includes telephones, light,
high frequency (HF) radio, electrical, satellite and microwave. The most common
type of signal channel is telephone.

Telephone communication is where people can communicate with each other over
from long distances (from a house to another house) by using electrical signal
conductors or radio signals. Satellites
can also be used for communication. A satellite is located in space and it
orbits the earth’s atmosphere and receives and transmits signals to locations
around the earth. It is used for a numerous number of things, e.g. T.V,
telephone, radio, military and many more. Satellites communicate through radio
wave signals and they transmit data back to earth by sending it to the antennas
in earth. Another example of a signal channel is microwave signals. This is most commonly used in mobile phones to
transmit signals. Phones use microwave transmitters and receivers to
communicate with other people with phones. The final type of signal channel I
want to address, although there are many more examples, is high frequency (HF) radio signals. The waves are between 3-30 MHz, which
is a high frequency and it allows for faster data communication because the
waves are shorter, so they will travel faster.