NoSQL There is no fixed schema inthis and therefore

NoSQL commonly referred to as Not Only SQL helps in designing a databasewhich is different in the way data is stored or accessed as compared to SQLwhich is a traditional relational database in which data is stored in well-definedschema and tables. By accommodating a wide variety of data models, it is ofparticular importance for where there is a large set of distributed data.NoSQL vs Relational DatabasesRelational model classifies data into tables and schema whereas NoSQL doesnot enforce a schema. SQL databases provide tools which helps to in databasedriven applications where as NoSQL offers tools to manage clusters. NoSQLare of particular importance and use where the information that is being dealtwith is unstructured and highly uncategorised.Types of NoSQL Databases1. Columnar DatabaseColumnar Database can be visualised as an inverse of a table where thedata is read and stored in columns in comparison to rows. Example:HBase, HyperTable2. Document DatabaseDocument Database as the name suggests store unstructured data asdocuments majorly in JSON or XML format. There is no fixed schema inthis and therefore it provides more flexibility. Example: MongoDB,CouchDB3. Graph DatabaseGraph Database is very similar to the Graph data structure wherein usevertices and edges are used. These can be built on both SQL and NoSQL.Example: Polyglot, Neo4J4. In-Memory Key- Value StoreIt is the simplest NoSQL option which stores data in an unstructuredschema by making use of indexed keys and values. Example: Riak, AzureBenefits of NoSQL1. ScalabilityIt is really simple to increase or decrease capacity rapidly due to the useof a horizontal scale out methodology.2. PerformancePerformance can be easily increased in NoSQL databases by addingcommodity resources.3. Flexible Data ModellingApplication developers can use those datatypes that are appropriate tothem rather than those that fit a particular schema thereby providingfluidity and flexibility.4. Global AvailabilityAutomatic replication of data across various servers helps to reduce thelatency and provides distributed benefits.Why choose NoSQL databases1. It helps to improve the programmer productivity by satisfying theneds appropriately2. It helps in improving data access performanceBibliography1.