Now, industries. Marijuana legalization created more than eighteen thousand

Now, over 60 percent of the American population believes that the use of recreational weed should be decriminalised. And I think it should be too. The use of weed has been long debated among people. But became more prominent and more in the mainstream after it happening in Colorado, with legal dispensaries all over the state. The weed has reeled in over 1 billion dollars in tax dollars for the government. Other, LEGAL drugs are much more dangerous than weed, with alcohol being even more dangerous for the user and people around them heroin and meth.It also has great medical benefits for people with and without debilitating diseases. The use of recreational weed should be legal for anyone that wants or needs it.In the states of Washington and Colorado, weed sales are better than was expected over the past few years. In 2015, for example, Colorado state received more than $135 million in tax revenue and fees for recreational and medical marijuana. The total sales in 2015 were more than $996 million. In North America, 2016 sales grew to $6.7 billion. Experts project sales to reach $20.1 billion in 2021.  With these huge figures, the state of Colorado has shown that getting into the legal cannabis industry is a great way of achieving economic benefits. In 2016, Colorado earned $122 million from tax revenue. Massachusetts state could get  $1.1 billion by 2020. Connecticut could be reaching up to $100 million in tax revenue each year. Even more in California, which is expected to exceed $15 billion in marijuana sales and $3 billion for tax revenue. Marijuana legalization has afforded so many people the opportunity to get a job. It allows business owners to set up marijuana dispensaries, grow operations and nurseries. This, in turn, creates employment opening and income for employees and profits for business owners. This adds more economic benefits to the community. Without marijuana legalization, job opportunities and income would be created by other industries. Thanks to legalization, the field becomes wider and more lucrative for the cannabis industry. In the state of Colorado where marijuana legalization is the norm, it is said that weed is the strongest economic driving force than ninety percent of other active industries. Marijuana legalization created more than eighteen thousand full-time employment opening and added approximately $2.4 billion to the economy of the state of Colorado in 2016. With the money being spent by employees inside the cannabis industry and the money that the business owners invest in their dispensaries and crops, weed is generating a lot more wealth and economic activity in states where weed is legal. In the state of Nevada, experts believe that making recreational marijuana legal would create more than 41,000 jobs until 2024 and it would generate more than $1.7 million in income within the labour sector. More than 2.5 million people have almost lost their lives each year from Alcohol. Almost 100,000 actually die from it. It also causes tons of harm to other people, that don’t even have any. Nearly ? of all traffic-related deaths are from drunk driving crashes. Kids are also abused by parents that are drunk, leading them to live a harder life, making the child more prone to alcohol abuse. Tobacco is also somehow still legal causing almost 5 million deaths each year worldwide. Mostly from lung damage. Smoking a joint every day for seven years causes less damage than for one year of smoking. There are still thousands of other drugs that people are abusing, much more dangerous than weed. Like cough syrup, Xanax, OxyContin, and Ketamine  Only 2 people have died from cannabis in 2014. One of them had an undetected heart problem, and the other had a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Cannabis actually reverses the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. One of the main concerns that people have about weed is the tar build up in the lungs. But that comes from smoking every day for years and years on end. And is easily compatible. Just by taking deep breaths, and/or switching to a different method of smoking, such as with a vaporizer, or out of a bong or dab rig. In the case of Oliver Miller, A 14-year-old boy who had a pre-birth stroke, leaving him a brain stem injury, making him severely handicapped., Had been addicted to benzos, such as Xanax. He had over 100 seizures in a day making life almost impossible for him. He had no access to medical cannabis. His mother was afraid that he was going to die. She was certain that he had no more than a year to live. She told his story to their local governor, who helped get the use of medical cannabis legal for patients like Oliver. Now Oliver lives a happier life, where his Mother is not afraid of his death. Marijuana has many obvious medical benefits. They help a man named Ian Frizell. He has severe Parkinson’s disease causing him to not have any control over his body. He was in constant pain and left unable to control himself. He hated the prescription medication, it made him feel awful. He now takes cannabis to calm himself. It makes him able to have full control over himself. In addition to that his chronic pain was alleviated. All after a 30mg dosage, which is nothing compared to most medication today. Also for 3-year-old Landon Riddel. Who was diagnosed with a certain bone cancer, he was given chemo, but the doctors said that he wasn’t going to survive even 48 hours. Desperate, his mom turned to medical cannabis. Instantly, Landon started to feel better, no nausea, able to eat, sleep, and the ability to feel like a kid again. Then his mom took him off the chemo entirely, just to have the cannabis help him. The cannabis actually fought the cancer cells directly, basically curing Landon’s cancer. Landon now is a happy, healthy boy living a normal life with his mom and siblings. Medical Cannabis is helping hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, with chronic pain, cancer, mental and physical diseases among other things. It would be a massive shame if these people couldn’t get the relief they need. Now, some people say that cannabis takes off up to 8 IQ points. Subjectively, this is true. Except that this would only occur if the user started under 14 and continued to smoke at LEAST every day for 25 years straight. It’s the same with everything. Everything in moderation. It’s the same with video games, food, sitting down, sleeping, even exercise. Another point in the article says that “At least smoking cigarettes doesn’t peel points off your IQ” ( Smoking for the same amount of time that it takes for IQ points to be reduced, the same cigarette WILL kill its user. Cigarettes are also much more addictive. Some people smoking more than 2 packs a day. A pack contains 25 cigarettes, that’s just down the fast track to an early death from cancer, among other thingsIn conclusion, recreational cannabis should be legal, whether it be the plethora of jobs and revenue it would produce, or it being safer than most legal drugs, like alcohol