Now likely to replace the traditional street lamps such

          Now days
the control system and information technologies are automatic due to reduce the
human work. Automatic systems are being preferred over manual system. The
research work shows automatic control of streetlights as a result of which power
is saved to some extent. In the scope of industrialization, automation is a
step beyond mechanization 1. Whereas mechanization provided human operators
with machinery to assist the users with muscular requirements of work,
automation greatly decreases the need for human sensory and mental requirements
as well 1. Basically street light done most important role in the street.
Therefore, the street lamps are relatively simple but with the development of
urbanization, based on the traffic the lights are rapidly increase. At the
begging, the street lights are controlled by manual control, a control switch
is set in each of the street lamps is the first generation of the original
street light. Nowadays, it is seen that the method is widely used in the
country. The method operates by set up an optical control circuit, change the
resistance by using of light sensitive device to control street lamps light up
automatically at dusk and turn off automatically after dawn in the morning. The
LED is considered a promising solution to modern street lighting system due to
its behavior and advantages. A part from that, the advantages of LED are likely
to replace the traditional street lamps such as the incandescent lamp,
fluorescent lamp and High Pressure Sodium Lamp in future but LED technology is
an extremely difficult process that requires a combination of advanced
production lines, top quality materials and high-precision manufacturing
process. Therefore, the research work highlights the energy efficient system of
the street lights system using LED lamps with PIR sensor interface for
controlling and managing the lights off and on method.