nowadays, in any field without any money. “World Wide

nowadays, a large percentage of students want to benefit from some different activities among their studies. As learning a new language or learning how to be a successful leader which provides how to communicate and participate easier. However, people differ in their thinking, especially if subject related to education because students must have to concentrate on their studies only. Personally, I strongly believe that students should make a link between spending time doing activities without ignoring the importance of education to get respect from the society and have a prestigious status.The university is considered as a small community initiative, however, helping a student in studies or voluntary which often include filling the gap between an individual or community’s resources. Through teams “Legacy” is providing a workshop for researching and how writing a scientific paper which makes a harmonic combination of activities and learning. At the same time, He collects from student’s clothes and food. Then, starting packing them and go to rural that do not have their basic needs.The idea of the team comes from a network of the internet which services provide information to help people related to academic or non-academic one in any field without any money. “World Wide Web, ” it’s popular logo in searching by connecting all data with each other, That’s exactly what the team does. The first step to make the team, starting with colleagues and classmates who have the ability to think out of the box from the different field of engineering, medicine and science. Then, distributing them into different categories which survive in a specific field. At the same time, students in a group learn the communication skill and cooperation as well as requirement to be a volunteer. It’s one of the team’s goals by preparing them to be a leader in a short period to start teaching others and telling them. After that, a group which more academic has a professional leader as doctors of the university, depending on they have the experience to direct them to identify a design of the project related to solving challenges. Then, starting with matching material in the design with real one to be testable. In addition, students have to learn how making a design and programming coding. Because of electronics are only product which raises the efficiency of the project. On the other hand, our organization provide essential services that positively impact the lives of citizens, such as building hospitals, schools, orphanages and religious centres. adhere to the goals of promoting political, social and economic benefits and engage in activities.In summary, students already have learned most skills required in the field of work. the team provides a response for each group in order to make a debate by representing the idea with a modern modification on it. Moreover, Shearing and advertisement are the final part of using social media to explain the importance of the project by using a unique technique as graphic design to attract the response plus the content itself.