Oklahoma to me feeling I deserve an opportunity to

Oklahoma State Admission Committee I’m writing this letter due to me feeling I deserve an opportunity to compete with some of the best despite my academics not being ideal to your Admission requirements. I’m applying as a Freshman Transfer with currently 15 attempted credit hours which 9 where from the Fall 2017, and 6 from Spring Of 2018. I currently hold a Transcript of three administration withdrawals from the Fall, and two classes I’m currently enrolled in. If my rejection is from my academic process through college I’d like to ensure you that those grades do not prove who I can be in a school setting but a time where I had to make a decision to better myself and my family for the present time rather than at a later date. I would truly appreciate if you guys could reevaluate my application not so much from my academic standing as I have not meet the standards of your University, but from what I have accomplished through my extracurricular activities outside of school.From a young age I had always wanted to grow up and attend OSU, and many things I have done have been based on my decision to attend this amazing university in hopes of becoming prepared and competing for a spot. My Junior year of High School is the year I discovered that I wanted a Career in Medicine & Sports which lead to me attending a competitive program in Tulsa Tech that allowed me to further my knowledge and grow accustomed to the competitive environment as well as the fast paced section. In the process of attending TTC I had became a Certified Medical Administration Technician as well as become Certified CPR/First Aid. Two years prior to me attending Tulsa Tech I had 2 Years of Volunteering at a local hospital where I became exposed to the real world of medicine. I’m currently working for a Public School District that I have held for three years where I’m a Before & After School Childcare Director along with a part time Substitute Teacher. Lastly before everything Medicine wise happened I had been an Athlete for Union Public Schools till my 9th grade year of Jr High.Based off of my accomplishments outside of academics you can see the dedication, hard work, perseverance I had throughout my entire life and all the struggles that came with it. I’m 100% willing to complete any beginner courses, multiple recommendation letters, and test required along with meeting with academic counselors everyday to discuss my future if that’s what’s needed for my admission into Oklahoma State. If after this letter I’m still sadly rejected all I can do is try harder, but for now I just can’t accept the rejection so I’m asking you please to reevaluate my application, and I want to thank you for you time as well as hope you can see they type of individual I am from a 360 degree view.