On · Dynamic- she wants to evolve continuously ·

On the basis of
the above segmentation, the company should target a high income level group
including professionals, big companies and entrepreneurs. An interesting target
group could be the upper high class of Greece and also the famous. Along with
this, the company should focus on young smokers who want gadgets just for their
high lifestyle (Schneiders, 2011). The company should also target the western
countries due to its modern and advanced culture in technological issues and
they are also alerted about what smoking causes to health.


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30-45 years

Works in a company or is a freelancer

Loves his job and wants to move forward and be successful


Technology: Knows everything about new gadgets and
market,, reads technological sites & forums

Sports & well-being : Watching football, go to gym
in his day offs, Playing basketball with friends


Dynamic, extrovert, self-confident

Open to different experiences and habits

Practice thinking, looking for/finding solutions

Smoking habit

Smokes a lot

Brands of international prestige

Prefers rich tobacco taste


Mr. Discreet


Man, 35-50 years


Works in a company, he cares about his job only as long
as it gives him the livelihood


Reading (sites & newspapers) &going to cinema


He wants to enjoy the little joys of life like walking,
cycling, riding with friends etc


Distinctive and introverted

Seeks quiet & qualitative everyday life

He cares about his family/friends & he does not
like being annoying

Rejects anything superficial


Smoking habit

Light and aromatic tobacco taste

Appraises ‘classic brands’/timeless brands

It can be experiment with the electronic cigarette





35-50 years

A working woman who invests a lot in her job- she
always wants to be the best


Fashion and femininity (cosmetics, accessories,
decoration, etc)-Magazines

Balanced life: running, Pilates, yoga, nutrition

Love culture (exhibitions, gastronomy, etc)


Dynamic- she wants to evolve continuously

Loves the power of classical values

Mature and reasonable/ She does not like recklessness and
easy choices

Smoking habit

Stylish & dynamic-does not love the taste of

Being fascinated by their luxury and high quality

Cigarettes are accessories: light and soft flavors,
stylish and premium package





Urban Edge

25-40 years

Working man who loves his job and wants to learn constantly


Downtown walks, cafes, bars, restaurants

Creative hobbies (photography), technology/digital in
general, social media, day by day exercise

Travelling to new destinations


Open to new trendsSeeks to be and look young and

Liveliness and optimism

Smoking habit

Hand-rolled cigarettes (the cigarettes of his generation)

More freestyle, authentic smoke, always youthful

Smokes for pleasure


2.5 Experiential marketing – 4Es framework







3. Macro-environment (PEST)

PEST analysis, refers to the
broader macro-environment of a business. A company’s competitors need to take into
account the facts that happen around the company and are likely to affect
directly or indirectly its work (Papadakis, 2016). An analysis at the point of
technological, political, economic and social described below.

Economic Environment: Greece faces the biggest economic crisis so the
austerity measures implemented in Greek society are many. Specifically, memorandum
1 & 2, pension and wages cuts, bonus abolition, are just some of the
elements that describe the Greek economic reality from 2009 till now. (www.hellastat.com)

In 2011, the GDP deficit reached
8.5%, while in 2012 reached 6.8%. In 2017 there was some increase of the GDP
but still Greece is under crisis without knowing went will ends.  Inflation in 2011 was at 5.2% and not only
that, unemployment reached the presentence of 50.4%, making Greece the first EU
country in the unemployment sector.

There is also limited financial
liquidity and foreign and domestic investors resent and discourage, so they do
not make investments. In addition, oil prices are rising steadily and interest
rates are rising simultaneously. Greece does not, therefore, provide a suitable
ground for new investments.

Unlike to what mentioned above,
Papastratos AVES the affiliate of Philip Morris in Greece, ignored all this
problems and decided to invest 300.000.000€ in order to build a new factory
where specific tobacco sticks for IQOS will produced.

With the new investment, Greece
is becoming one of the few international centers for the production of
new-generation tobacco products, which will greatly enhance Greek exports.

In a difficult period for the
Greek economy, Papastratos essentially supports employment, creating 400 new
jobs. These positions are added to the 800 direct and indirect jobs that
Papastratos already offers, as well as the 250 recruitments that have taken
place over the past few months exclusively for IQOS. (http://www.cnn.gr)

Investing is also vital for Greek
tobacco growing as it helps to secure the future of thousands of tobacco
growers. Philip Morris International and Papastratos continue to absorb and
export all over the world Greek Eastern tobacco, which will account for a
significant proportion of blends and new tobacco rods.

Beyond the economic benefits, the
new investment gives a bit of optimism to society. Greece has a leading role in
a new international market that is expected to grow at a rapid pace.

 It is noted that since 2003, Philip Morris
International and Papastratos have already invested € 700 million in Greece. Since
2008, PMI has hired more than 400 scientists and experts and has invested more
than $ 3 billion in research and development and scientific documentation. (http://www.iefimerida.gr)

Papastratos AVES is the only
Greek company that risked during crisis and believed in Greek market. (http://www.iefimerida.gr)