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On April 6th, 1928, James Watson was born in Chicago, Illinois. James Watson went toHorace Mann grammar school, but then attended South Shore High School. After attending highschool for only two years James Watson received a tuition scholarship to attend ChicagoUniversity and accepted the offer. After graduating, James Watson then went to IndianaUniversity. In 1950 he graduated with a doctorate in zoology. In the same year James Watsonspent time in Europe as a part of the National Research Council. In 1951 he listened to a lecturein Naples, Italy. This lecture made him very interested in the study of DNA. In 1951 JamesWatson also began to work in a laboratory in Cambridge, England. At Cambridge James Watsonmade a friend named Francis Crick. Both Watson and Crick had a desire to study the structure ofDNA and started working together. Watson and Crick attempted to make models of DNA butthey were unsuccessful. After receiving help from Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin,Watson and Crick had a breakthrough. They concluded a DNA molecule is formed by two chainsof molecules twisting and coming together to form a double helix. In 1962 James Watson,Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins reunited and were awarded with the Nobel Prize inPhysiology or Medicine for their role in discovering DNA structure. Then in 1968 James Watsondecided to to write another book about his discovery of the DNA structure, become a director ofthe Cold Spring Harbor Lab, and get married. Watson got married to Elizabeth Lewis and theyhad two sons. In 1994 James Watson moved from director to president while working in the ColdSpring Harbor Laboratory. After becoming president, Watson move up to chancellor in 2007. Inthe same year James Watson wrote and published another book, Avoid Boring People: Lessons ina Life of Science.Today the discoveries of James Watson are still very popular and useful in many ways.The discovery of how DNA is structured is used to predict inherited diseases and cure inheriteddiseases. With the help of James Watson people can now be tested for disorders that may bepassed down from parents and then fix the defective gene. James Watson’s findings have alsoallowed many people to trace their ancestry back to its origin. DNA mutation is currently used toprotect plants from pests, which is helping feed millions of people. These acts would not bepossible without James Watson’s discoveries.Though James Watson is given much credit for his DNA discovery, he did collaboratewith many scientists who helped him in his studies. Sometimes Watson and his partners at workwould have different ideas and not always get along. Eventually, Watson, Crick, Wilkins, and