One need to be followed and also the importance

One of the women who worked out regularly before and after pregnancy had many precautions to follow. The first woman who had a C-section avoided any type of activities the first six to eight weeks that consisted of stretching the incision or any exercise that will cause the stomach to fold over. She also avoided anything that had to do with heavy lifting because it could cause stress on the muscles in the abdomen. She would also avoid activities and exercises that put any strain on her incision and hips. Some of these exercises include running, dancing, yoga, or any kind of aerobics. Before pregnancy this woman weight trained about 5 times a week and incorporated HITT workouts. After her pregnancy she had to change her normal routine and would do light body weight exercises and made sure she followed all precautions. She clearly explained that she would not make any changes and is comfortable with her workout routines. The second woman also worked out regularly before pregnancy. She explained how after she gave birth naturally she waited to get back to working out when she felt her body was ready. She took it slow the first day and just did light walking on the treadmill, then after a few weeks she felt that she was ready to increase to a slow jog. She took many precautions such as making sure she was fully healed before she began exercising, exercised at a low intensity, and made sure to keep hydrated. After she gave birth she had to change her original exercise routine and cut back on the lifting and long distance runs. She also explained that she doesn’t feel the need to make any changes in the future. Now that I have learned more about women who are pregnant and want to continue exercising, I feel like I will be able to help future clients. I now know the precautions that need to be followed and also the importance of how the client is feeling physically and mentally.