Online shopping in Malaysia is considered a new technology

Online shopping in Malaysia is considered a new
technology breakthrough since it has just begun to assault the Malaysia
retailing sector with online shopping services (Haque et al., 2006). Understanding
the consumers’ behavior toward online shopping behavior and discovered the
factors that influencing this behavior when shopping online should be given
priority ( Dilion & Reif, 2004).

According to Chua, Hamid and Khatibi studies, there
are 81 percent consumers who browse web sites for goods and services do not
actually make an online shopping. Besides, in Taylor Nelson Sofres (2002)
studies, it is reported that there are only 3 % of Malaysian Internet users
shopped online in May 2002, there is a reduce of 1 percent compared to 4
percent in 2001. Other than that, there are 76% of the Malaysian, most of the younger
people were using the internet for non-shopping activities (Mehrdd Salehi,
2012). For instance, seeking information, playing games, entertainment, or
communicating with friends, etc (Cram, 2016).

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According to the studies that conducted by Husnuyah,
Britt, and Lauly (2004), with the expansion of digital technologies, Generation
Y become one of the most important target market for two reasons. First, this
group also known as millennial which born in 1980s until early 1990s and grew
up with Internet and digital technologies. Second, they are more relies on and
active in Internet and has shopping interest. Therefore, this population will
be great significance to find out the factors which influence Generation Y to
shop online if we want to find out the factor that influence the consumer
online purchase intention.

Unfortunately, there are limited studies being done
to access the factors that affect online purchase intention, especially in
Generation Y content. In order to examine the factors that affecting online
purchase intention of Generation Y, it is necessary to understand of consumers’
online behavior, preferences and concerns.