Oscar has felt alone and in some cases depressed

 Oscar Buelna

Professor Cormier

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English 201

15 January 2018


         Many people may feel
alone sometimes. Almost everyone has felt alone and in some cases depressed
about their lives or any other problem that may affect them. One of the places
that people can rely and visit for help or any problem are Christian churches. It
can be defined as God’s home, however; is more than just a nice building full
of religious images and seats, it is an institution that helps people with
their problems. Church is the place where people go for help when they need it.
It is based on ten commandments that establish what people should not do in
order to be accepted by God and the Christian community. It works based on the Holy
Bible which is the most book of all times by helping their followers to choose
the path that God wants for us. It plays an important role in society. In some
families, going to church every week is a sacred tradition that keeps them
together. It also helps people to raise their children properly by giving them
the tools to be good parents and raise their child in order to be functional
citizens in their community. Children are the future of society and even those
who do not have children should worry about how future generations are being
educated. Today’s society needs a spiritual life and Christians churches offer
more than that. The pursuit of happiness is a common condition that most of
people have. People should consider go to Christian churches in order to be a
better person in all aspects.

part of a Christian church brings plenty of advantages for their members. Having
a community with a lot of members provide support for all of them. The
opportunity of sharing and talking about diverse topics works as a therapy for some.
Sharing different point of views about different topics develops their capacity
to tolerate others. As a member of a Christian church I have experienced some
of this benefits that church offers. Another benefit that it brings is a
positive change in mentality. I have seen people at church with suicidal
thoughts; in most cases they feel completely alone and this leads to suicidal
thought by thinking that leaving this world would be the best choice, however,
it is not true at all. Church complements an important part in people’s life.
Getting people off drugs and alcohol is a goal that church has. Families are
destroyed when a member get into this fake world, drugs destroy people and
families,an important goal for church is unity. Families that are raised by the
word of God learn strong moral principles like unity which is important in our
society. It is more likely to have a better future if people follow these ideals.
Feeling confident in a community like this is important in order to develop as
a person. One of the good things about being a Christian is the capacity to
find ourselves. It’s a place where people find their talents. Church offers choir
as a complement, it is a way to approach religion by doing other activities
where people may develop their talents. Choir encourage youth to demonstrate
their talents, by developing these talents people may feel more comfortable in
their lives and in some cases become in the next pop superstar. Even the most
famous singers and actors started as members of Christian choirs. With a lot of
effort and luck one of choir members may become in the new music star.

    Community is an important part
of our society. Church has the job to keep society together by having a place
where people works for the same goal, to have a full life. It is supported by
other activities such as worship groups. Being part of this group strongly
benefit people’s life by getting to know more to their community. In most
cases, there are neighborhoods where people do not even know who lives next to
them. Communication is essential in any relationship; these groups emphasize on
communication and how people should worry about their community by praying for problems
or people that may be in trouble or in need of help. Getting to know more
people increases the opportunities of having a more united and strong community.
Having families that are being raised by the word of God is beneficial in order
to have a more educated and peaceful community. The values of respect, faith
and tolerance are thought and emphasized by Christians. In addition, if people
is more respectful and tolerant to others, it is more likely to have a peaceful
community. Also the capacity to find ourselves is important, if youths decide
at an early age what they want to be increases the possibilities of success for
them. The rate of students that change their majors in college in considerably
high. Not being sure of what they want is a problem; church helps people to
find themselves and discover their aptitudes. Groups such as worship or choirs
are important for some communities Even famous actors and singers were in the
church choir. Tina Turner and Whitney Houston sang in a Christian choir and
became in two of the most iconic voices in the United States

   Congregations contribute to
have a better community.In 1997a study made by the University of Pennsilvania
showed that urban congragations offer 140,000 worth of services anually