“Ouch!” alright, I will be there in a bit

“Ouch!” I yelled at myself, as I hit my hands on the wooden desk.I was trying to fix my watch, but instead I poke my finger on the sharp end of the watch(cutting it a little. Little stream of blood falls from my index finger, as it made a stream like a waterfall ( flowing down my arm). “Dammit!” I yelled, as I walked over to the shelves to grab a rag ( to wrap my finger around it. It sting’s like a sun of a gun, but it’s better then losing it right?  i’m a grown 34 year old male jack rabbit, and think cuts hurt like a baby; I got better manners  than that eh. I heard my phone go off in my pocket, as I was rapping the white rag around my index finger. I quickly grab it with my right hand, see who is calling me on the phone. Sure enough it was my boss calling me, and I was kind of busy ( but I have to take this call any way right?).So I pushed dial and answered,” Hey Mr. Lee what’s up?” I slow down my temper over my cut. As I was standing by my dresser, looking at my hand still. ” Hey you need to get nowhere soon as possible.” He tell’s me, as something bad happen. Mr. Lee sounded like he was in a serious about something, like something bad happen at work ( and I got involved with it). “Oh crap what happen now?” I unjust my words oh the phone.  “It’s about a case, I want you here for a reason?” He tell’s me, which it was the first time I’ve heard him ever say that to me.”Oh what is the case about sir?” I wanted to know, as I was looking straight at the red wall( in my room).  “You’ll see when you get here ok?” He tell’s me.”Huh alright, I will be there in a bit sir?”  I told him, which it was my day off ( stuff like this I can not miss). So I open my dresser, and pulled out my F.B.I Clothing, and quickly put them on. As I done that, I grab my badge from the lock on the top of the desert( and placed it on the right side of my jacket). And headed for downstairs to the outside door to my blue ford truck, and head straight to my work that very moment. I wonder what this is gonna be about this time, I wander what case i’ve got to get involved with next?? As I was driving my truck down the road to my work, I heard my phone go of right    beside me. I picked it up and  seen it was my wife calling me, she was working at the hospital in Austin, Texas.’ She gonna be gone for two weeks on the job, and I miss her already, she’s only been gone for 3 days already. So I answered the phone  while driving down the road, seeing how she is doing.”Hey hun, how’s work going?” I said to her nice, as I can hear her kind of tired on the phone; it sounded like she is working very hard.”Oh this job is not fun?” She tell’s me ( very boredly),” That bad huh?” I said to her, with a smile smile on my face. “Yes very bad?” She sounded clenched about her job, as she was sitting at the nurses desk motionless and tired ( while talking to Mat on the phone).  I kind of laugh as I heard her said that, so I made a funny joke for her.   ” See if you can survive my work, it’s hard as hell you know lol?” I laughed again.  She made a frown, as she had a sudden tear fall from her right face. “You’re always be the man I love, I could never ask a better man that you hun.” She tell’s me one the phone which she does that alot, even when she’s sad she does it (it s part of her rabbit side herself). I smiled as I grip the steering wheel with my left hand, as I was going down the road kind of fast. Thinking more about her than the road, which that is not good by any-means lol. I love my wife ok she’s the best, I could never ask another woman in my life. She came to me when I was walking around the mall side, looking for a new iphone six. I meet her by the computer store, as I pass by here ( accidentally bump into her, which she done that on purposed to me). She drops her purse on the ground on purpose right beside the fake plant.I picked up her purse for her, as I said sorry to her. ” I’m so sorry, i’m trying to look for this phone place on this dumb map( do you know where Billy phone land is at?” I said to her, as I shown her the map. She kind of made a sarcastic laugh at me, as she looks up and smiles at me; thinking I was crazy or something. ” Um well I think the map is messing you up, the phone place is right  beside you.” She laughed again.I look to my right stupid me she was right, it was on the right side of me. ( Billy’s phone land and this place looks sarcastical yet, with only two male workers on the computer’s behind the desk With a lot of Tablet phones and advertisement thing’s on the wall, and this place looks like ( for millionaires only). “Oh my gosh the Iphone six is $700, goodnight.” Well look’s like I will never buy a phone in that place, I don’t got the money; so I may stick with my other iphone then lol. ” Not what you inspected?”   She tell’s me, as she known what phone I was trying to get. “Nope.” I told her.She makes more of  the smile at me, as she looks at me in my blue eye’s, as like she started to like me in a way. “Um so do you have a girlfriend?” I may just hit the spot after all,  which i’m married to her lol.  ” Um no why?” I wonder what she meant by that. She made a nod at me, as she moved her eyebrows up and down at me; slowly. ” Well um, what is your name then big guy?” She makes a slight groan at me. “Matt is my name, what is yours I may ask?” I look at her, with a frown on my face.        “Trisha is my name Matt.” She made her words loving at me.”Nice to meet you miss.” I smiled at her again, as I told her my name; she did the same thing to me to. ( Now we are both even, and that’s how my life began with her). Now we are both married and living a happy life together, we’ve been married more than thirteen years now;and nothing seem to be bad about it, but living a good life after all. So when I was talking to her on the phone, I just remember something.” Oh did you hear about James wife got married yesterday?”  She was a good friend of mine back in my high school days. ” Um yes, it was all over social media why?” She kind of gig eld about it. “I can’t believe she married that fat boy I knew in high school, chubby sam.” I laughed. Ok the kid I known back in high school named Sam he was an ugly bastard in my school. He could not dance well, like a badger for his size. He could not sing a good song, he could not make a girl go on a date with him ( only thing he likes doing the most is, eating fat food all day at his house). He weighs more than 300 pounds and he’s ugly as a drunk man on sunday, which that is kind of funny actually). My wife can not believe that either, as I told her that. She thought it was funny to, she knows that badger is a fat pig ( who loves eating his garbage in the morning).  Oh how funny life could be sometimes, I just had to say it.  and I do miss my wife already, I miss talking to her every night in the house  I feel like she has died and never gonna come back, I feel it a-s the world has stop beating today. I just can’t wait when she get’s home, i’m gonna do a lot of things to her when she gets home (lol).  So glad I got a good life after all. I was a mile away from my work, and I have to get off with the phone with my wife. And she won’t believe I have work today, because it’s my day off ( funny world I live in).