Our I decided to perform positive actions to help

Our responses to various experiences in life motivate us in a positive or negative direction. My own negative experiences have driven me to overcome the obstacles I have encountered by understanding their impact and putting those feelings into positive actions.In middle school, I was the victim of bullying. After suffering the personal feelings of loneliness, hurt, fear, and doubt, I could choose to dwell and give in to those feelings, or keep ongoing. Over time, a painful time, I was in despair and attempted to take my life. When I was in the hospital recovering, I made the decision to take control of my life and not let someone else take that away from me. It was at that point that I decided to perform positive actions to help not only my own growth, but to give to others in need. I considered the skills I had and how I could use them in the real world. I had to move outside of my comfort zone, but by reflecting on real empathy, I was able to turn my feelings into the power of action and leadership. What I mean by “power of action” is one person can make a difference no matter how small the action is. I felt this spark when I traveled to Tesoco, Mexico for two service trips. The purpose of the trips was to work with the youth in a disadvantaged area. Although I was there to lend a hand and brighten their lives, I found the experience to be an enriching experience for me. The people showed a sense of gratitude, caring and love for family and the community, and appreciation for life which was a lesson for me.I took that lesson and I’ve recognized a duty to help those less fortunate than me in my hometown. Several times a year, I distribute soup, hot chocolate, hand warmers, etc. to those in need. I have continued to show my affection by becoming a Portland Police Cadet where I get to interact with the community through the law enforcement to make Portland a safer and happier place.I am confident that my contributions to my little world have made some difference, though it may be small in the big picture. I hopefully have the rest of my life to continue these efforts and to use the abilities I have been blessed with, to make, yet, a bigger difference.