Our Many astronomers are able to study the halo

Our Earth is inside of one giant universe and inside of that
universe there is a galaxy known as the Milky Way which is the galaxy that our
home is in. The Milky Way is called a spiral galaxy, this is the most common
type of galaxy throughout the universe. A galaxy can be defined as a large
number of stars that are bound together by gravity. From a far our galaxy looks
like a small band of light across the night sky, this is called a galactic disk.
Inside of that galactic disk our galaxy is surrounded by many old stars and
star clusters, these are known as a galactic halo. The galactic halo is a
region is our galaxy that has extended far beyond the galactic disk. Many
astronomers are able to study the halo in our galaxy by looking at variable
stars. Astronomers are able to look at these stars because the brightness in
variable stars change over time which make the easier to see. Astronomers can
also study the halo by looking at pulsating variable stars, this is because
these types of stars vary in their brightness so they can see more over a
certain area. The stars that are currently in the galactic halo will be the
same stars that will always be there until they die. This is because no new
stars are able to form inside of the galactic halo due to the lack of gasses
and dust inside the halo. However, even though the galactic halo cannot form
new stars, the galactic disk does produce enough gas to the point where new
stars can be formed. Due to this, many stars in the galactic disk have recently
been formed, and thus are younger. The Milky Way galaxy also consists of a dark
halo and dark matter. Astronomers have said that the dark halo is a region
outside of the visible halo that is darker and can potentially house dark
matter. The dark matter is what is thought to be mass inside of a galaxy,
although this is what it is thought to be, it has not been proven by
astronomers that this is exactly what dark matter is. Astronomers that have
been studying our galaxy have also found that there is a large amount of energy
that is being released from the center of a dark star cluster. This energy is
said to potentially be a giant black hole. Many astronomers who have studied
this black think that it may have appeared due to a potential supernova
explosion that may have occurred in the star cluster around it. There is many
things to learn about our home galaxy, The Milky Way, but this is just a
glimpse of what makes it possible for us to live here.