Ozone(O3) then these formed atoms combined with oxygen molecules

Ozone(O3) is a triatomic molecule, an allotrope of oxygen
which is much less stable than the diatomic allotrope. Oxygen molecules (O2)
with two oxygen atoms are disconnected to form oxygen atoms (O) and then these
formed atoms combined with oxygen molecules to generate ozone molecules (O3). It was derived from the Greek word
ozein (to smell) and was known to accompany electrical storms, since ancient
times. It was first discovered in 1840 by a German chemist C. F. Schonbein and
later on in 1856 Thomas Andrews showed that ozone was formed only by oxygen. In
1863 Soret found that the three volumes of oxygen produce two volumes of ozone


 Naturally ozone occurs in the
earth’s stratosphere photochemically, but exists in ground levels only in low
concentrations having very characteristic odor. In the lower
atmosphere is an air pollutant and is harmful for humans, animals and plants
Whereas in stratospheric ozone protects life on earth from the harmful
ultraviolet radiation from the sun 29, 30.  At normal temperatures and pressures the color
of gas is blue

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Ozone gas is sparingly soluble in water. It decomposes back to oxygen,
from which it is formed, rapidly in aqueous solution containing impurities, but
more slowly in pure water or in the gaseous phase (Rice et al., 1982).

It has been
used as a reagent in the synthesis of organic compounds, as a disinfectant, for
the bleaching of natural fibbers and oxidant for water purification 31. It is
an environmental friendly oxidant since it decomposes to oxygen without
producing self-derived by-products in oxidation reactions. Therefore, it has
been used as an effective oxidant for the removal of organic pollutants from both
the aqueous 32, 33 and the gas phases 34. Recently, ozone has been used in
advanced oxidation processes such as catalytic ozonation reactions and
mineralization of pollutants was found to be much higher when compared with
ozonation alone 31.13

Under normal conditions, ozone is
much more reactive than O2. It is a very powerful oxidizing agent,
second among elements only to fluorine. It can oxidize many organic compounds
and is used commercially to bleach waxes, oils, and textiles, and as a
deodorizing agent. Because it is a powerful germicide, it is also used to
sterilize air and drinking water. Ozone is usually manufactured by passing an
electrical discharge through O2 gas or through dry air. The resulting mixture
of ozone and O2 or air is usually suitable for most industrial applications of