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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in
the women. When breast cancer in its advanced stage it often reaches
or spread in pelvis or spine and which may result into normal body
pain, back pain and stiffiness in back that leads to decrease or
avoid the norrmal or physical activity which overall leads to the
lowering the patient health condition. Exercise have shown a great
result in increasing the health benefits in breast cancer patients .

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For this their was a study conducted in 15 women with
the age group of 34-68 with the criteria of patient with undergoing
treatment for advanced breast cancer and also with the patient who
where not exercising. To get the good desired outcome they divided
the group into two . One with the with the normal care to the
patients that included seven patients and other eights patients were
given with 12 week exercise schedule which included doing exercise
for two times in a week with aerobic exercise and strength training.

the 12 weeks of study the results were compared between the two
groups ,the patients who were doing exercise shows a significant
increase in health condition and also doing their normal activity
easily. This showed that women who were doing exercise have the
better life quality as compared to womens who where not doing the
exercise . This study also shows that much more information can be
collected in larger groups in according to the

last it concluded that we have a good information on the benefits of
exercise but in this case of breast cancer we dont have much
information regarding this. Mainly the patients are still suffering
from pain and difficulty in doing daily activites and due to lack of
information or support from the medical peoples.

this study we have shown that womens are able to take part in
exercise very easily and also doing their normally activites which
was difficult before . At last he said that more research should be
done so that to aware the health professionals about the effects of
exercise in breast cancer.