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1. On February 4th, 2000 several thousands of “Boyeviki” Chechen fighter rebels escaped from Grozny, the capital city of the Chechen Republic in Russia.  The “Boyeviki” entered the Katyr-Yurt village resulting in unannounced bombings and hostage situations. According to 119. Article 55 (3) which provides for the restriction of rights and liberties by federal law is an extension of the protection of  principles of the constitutional system. Those  rights are of morality, health, rights and lawful interests of other persons (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). Introducing the Roman statue of 2002 , Under War Crimes: “In the case of armed conflict not of an international character, the Court’s jurisdiction will cover breeches of Article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 “(iccnow.org.(2017)). On the native village of Katyr-Yurt, Chechnya, Russia , the fatality rate was at 167 civilians . A special military operation aimed at the annihilation of illegal armed groups had taken place in Katyr-Yurt. The act of the unannounced bombings/military action resulted in fatalities and destruction. Introducing the case of Russian National , Ms Zara Adamovna Isayeva V. The Russian federation brought to the European court of human rights ( Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). 
2. The applicant had two layers for representation Mr Kirill Koroteyev and Mr William Bowring. Introducing the lawyers on the defense  Mr Kirill Koroteyev ,who is apart of the Russian Human Rights NGO and Mr William Bowring a lawyer in the UK (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). The Russian federation/government was represented by Mr P.A.Laptev. He is  the Representative defense of the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights. On April 27, 2000 the case was aimed against the Russian Federation with the violation of human rights. In the human rights Court and under Article 34 of the human rights Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and the Fundamental Freedoms included(Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). Introducing definition of war crimes by: George Andreopoulos “War crimes apply to serious violations of treaty and customary rules applicable in situations of international and non international armed conflict” (Manhattan NY. Mangai Natarajan , Andreopoulos George (2011)). According to International crime and justice by Mangai Natarajan , page 299 , chapter 39 titled Genocide, War crimes, and Crimes against Humanity paragraph 2 , The body of rules and customs that address issues pertaining to armed conflict situations is known as the laws of war or International humanitarian law (IHL) (Manhattan NY. Mangai Natarajan , Andreopoulos George (2011)).
1. The length of the court case investigation lasted from the February 24, 2005 to December 11, 2017 . In the 167 civilian deaths were Ms Zara Adamovna Isayeva’s family members who died or left permanently disabled. The applicant’s son and three nieces were killed and her nephew, Zaur Batayev permanently handicapped. This due to planes descending low enough to bomb cars on the road after safe military passage was granted. The victims were on their way to a humanitarian corridor. The applicant alleged a violation of Articles 2 and 13 of the Convention (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). “In December 2000, the case was forwarded to the office of the military prosecutor in military unit. Later in 2001 the case was transferred for investigation to the military prosecutor of the Northern Caucasus Military Circuit in Rostov-on-Don” (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). The investigation confirmed the bombing of the village and the attack on the Gazel minivan that in led to the deaths of the applicant’s son and three nieces and the wounding of her relatives (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld).
2. The applicant submitted that she was looking up through a sunroof and saw two planes , and seen what she thought was a flare,  which were bombs dropped on parachutes. Driving along Ordzhonikidze Street towards the exit of the village, about 500 meters before the roadblock is where they were hit by the sharp metal of the bombing (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). The Court found that the State has not met its obligations under Article 13 of the Convention. “In view of the Court’s findings above on Article 2, this complaint is clearly “arguable” for the purposes of Article 13 (Boyle and Rice v. the United Kingdom, judgment of 27 April 1988, Series A no. 131, § 52)” (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). Leading to military investigation of the days events. “In October and November 2000 the investigators of the Achkhoy- Martan District Prosecutor’s Office questioned the applicant, her husband and several other passengers of the Gazel minibus” (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). Section 3 of the same Article guarantees the right to apply to international bodies for the protection of human rights once domestic legal remedies have been exhausted ( Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). These are the names of the witnesses and victims that testified or gave statements, applicant’s husband , Zura B , Akhmadi I , Yakhita B , Elza I, Tamara D, Alkha D, Eysa T, Khasi V, Suleyman D, Tumisha A, Marusa A, Roza D Makhmud S and Yelizaveta T. 118. Articles 52 and 53 provide that the rights of victims of crime and abuse of power shall be protected by law. They are guaranteed access to the legal assistance , courts and compensation by the guilty State for damage caused by unlawful actions of a public authority (Russian federation)  (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld). 

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According to the ISAYEVA v. RUSSIA JUDGMENT the constitution of the state provides the freedom , safety and rights that cannot be restricted  stated in120. article 56. The Russian federation in its efforts in investigating the crimes showed the lack of swiftness and severity. The court came to the conclusion that the final verdict will be edited into Article 44 & 2 of the humanitarian convention. The court also ruled that the use of military weaponry was a violation in the use of lethal force onto civilians , not weighing out the consequences with the benefits according to Article 2 ECHR. ECHR-Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects the right to life. With the  limited exception for the cases of lawful executions and sets out strictly controlled circumstances in which the deprivation of life may be justified (CITATION). Concluding the case the court stated  that the respondent State is to pay the applicant the amount of EUR 18,710 , EUR 25,000 , EUR 10,926 in respect of costs and expenses by the European Central Bank  (Refugees, U. (2017). Refworld).