People can influence the emotional state of a person;

connect with architecture in many different ways, which allows it to be enjoyed
and appreciated all over the world. From an early age I have been fascinated
with architecture especially growing up in London with architecture everywhere,
over the years I have found a certain style within minimalist architecture to
have a bigger impact one my mood when in contact with. They say architectural
spaces influence a person’s emotional state. It must be experienced to be
understood. Architecture provides an important setting for everyone’s life. As
architecture is personal and an essential experience that must be experienced
to be understood.”There was a time when I
experienced architecture without thinking about it. Sometimes I can almost feel
a particular door handle in my hand, a piece of metal shaped like the back of a
spoon. I used to take hold of it when I went into my aunt’s garden. That door
handle still seems to me like a special sign of entry into a world of different
moods and smells. I remember the sound of the gravel under my feet, the soft
gleam of the waxed oak staircase, I can hear the heavy front door closing
behind me as I walk along the dark corridor and enter the kitchen, the only
really brightly lit room in the house.” 
? Peter ZumthorArchitecture has the power to
evoke a range of emotions, it can be to bring back memories or it can be to
evoke direct emotions, like making you feel big or small, give you a sense of
feeling safe or unsafe. Architecture can sometimes bring us into a spiritual
mood. The same place can make a person feel calm and can make another person
feel uncomfortable and stressed, yet most people if asked would feel big in a
church and unsafe at night in a dark alley. Architectural spaces have certain
atmospheres which can influence the emotional state of a person; the
interaction between the environment and the person who resides in that

The focus of this essay will
be to explore mankind’s connections with architecture, looking at different
reasons for this. The essay will look at many points. The first being how
architecture has changed over the past hundred years, looking into the changes
that have taken place within the architectural industry, and the social and
historical reasons for this.  The second
point is how people connect with architecture and how it has changed, including
sentimental, appreciative and functionality attachments all which refer to
emotions and how it plays a part in our lives. The third will be to look at how
and what all this means for architecture/minimalist architecture in today’s

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