Pharmacists attempts in different countries to extend clinical pharmacy,

Pharmacists deal with
medicines all the time. They help to select them, also in the management of self-limiting
illness, and dispense them on physician’s prescription. How can the pharmacist
more fully contribute to patient care? Apart from very local or national
attempts in different countries to extend clinical pharmacy, not many integral
co-ordinate efforts have been made by pharmacy to contribute to the patient’s well-being
apart from through the dispensing process. The world-wide acceptance of pharmaceutical
care as the mission of the pharmacy profession is shaping pharmaceutical
education and practice. As a result, pharmaceutical care is adopted as the
focus of good pharmacy education. Obstacles that differ in practice settings
and places have hampered efforts geared toward the implementation of
pharmaceutical care worldwide. Some obstacles have identified include deficient
clinical knowledge and communication skills, insufficient time, and negative
attitudes of pharmacy practitioners. Attitude factors may represent key
obstacles in realizing pharmacists ‘contribution to society. 

During the past year as a pharmacy intern and evening
pharmacy technician, I was able to work with pharmacists and doctors, where on
both levels I was enlightened on the importance of empathizing with patients,
and through this I was able to expand my confidence and communication skills.
Although I enjoyed the experience, it was at times extremely heart-breaking as
I was able to get close to many of the terminally ill patients, helping and
caring for them where I could either by assisting them with their medications
or just talking and empathizing with them to build up their spirits. It is also
at this point in my career that I realized the ineffectiveness of medical
professionals practicing solely and separately.

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Guyana’s ageing population, the increasing burden of chronic
disease, maternal and infant mortality rates present opportunities and
imperatives for health professionals to practice collaboratively. Collaborative
health practice is a passion of mine and I believe this will be achieved by
implementing a collaborative practice agreement to allow all health
professionals, more specifically doctors and pharmacists, to provide the most
suitable drug therapies for patients based on their unique individual needs,
which would significantly reduce medication-related morbidity and mortality

With training from the University of Colorado Skaggs School
of Pharmacy, I believe that I will be able to achieve this goal as it is a very
unique and modern university which holistically involves all health
professionals in the study arena. Moreover, university ranking, lecturers and
professors at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, listening to testimonials from
past students and residency opportunities are the reasons this PharmD program
is the one for me, as they speak to the integrity and scope of the university. Being
ACPE accredited is another major reason for choosing this university as I plan
to expand my horizons by joining a residency program and gaining experience post-graduation
so I can positively change the role of the pharmacist in my country from the
mere “pill counter” into a more comprehensive, collaborative role, and
ultimately change the way patients and health professionals view and treat pharmacists
in my country.

in maintaining the part-time job as a pharmacy technician since internship has
begun, I have gotten a great insight into the world of work. I appreciate the
sense of responsibility and accountability that’s granted to me, and I believe
the attitude I have gained due to this will help me as a pharmacist to take
greater strides in ensuring my work is carried out with the highest precision.

my internship in a few weeks will allow me to register as a fully licensed
pharmacist. This qualification will make me eligible to practice independently
as a pharmacist in the evening at the community pharmacy, Dave’s Pharmacy. With
this evening job alone, I will be able to focus on the PharmD courses and put
what I have learnt to
use right away into the working world. Moreover,
Dave’s pharmacy is one
of the leading, innovative pharmacies in Guyana and always look to expand and
better patient care in the region with equipped and qualified pharmacists.
Currently doing her PharmD is the pharmacy’s chief pharmacist, Ms. Karishma Jeebo,
from whom I have gained complete support to enhance my career with the PharmD.

pharmacist plays an essential role in today’s society. They are not only
considered as a dispenser of medicine, but in my opinion, more so as a valued
member in a community. With
my family’s emotional and financial support and employer’s encouragement I
think I am equipped to pursue the Doctor in Pharmacy program, which I plan to
complete within four years. This PharmD will allow me to be one of a few with
this qualification in my country and will allow me to break boundaries and set
standards for better patient care.