Placement: which are to motivate them to increase the

Placement: Availability of any product is considered to be one
of the most important factors of marketing process. If you know about the
product you also like the product and you are a loyal customer of the product
but if it is not easily available to you may think to change the company which
has products that are easily available for you. Pepsi is an international scope
company which has a global network for distributing its product globally. Pepsi
has a very vast market presence which is dependent on its well organized distribution
network. The brand ensures a lot of distribution strategies which are based
upon the customer needs, product characteristics and local trade culture. Following
are some the strategies used by Pepsi for its placement:

storage delivery

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ware house

order placement

Pepsi works on its placement a lot and they make sure that
they supply their product in ever part of the country. They supply their
products from small scale retailers to larger ones Pepsi uses both direct and
indirect methods for their distribution. For both small and large scale retailers
Pepsi has different incentives, on accomplishment of the goal they are given
perks which are to motivate them to increase the sale of the brand. Another way
that Pepsi uses to place the product is by giving wholesalers there product in
bulk and then they further distribute it to the local retailers. There are some
areas where wholesalers have a very strong hold and they do not let the company’s
competitors enter the local market. By doing this these wholesalers are awarded
with a lot of perks. Pepsi has contract with a lot of local food chains where
they only use Pepsi products by following this, these chains get a lot of incentives
and perks. This is also an important factor which gives a glimpse of how intelligently
Pepsi places its products. For convenience of the consumers Pepsi make sure
that its product reach in every nook and corner of the country. Pepsi do not
want its loyal customers to switch to any of their competitors so they make it
sure that its products are easily available. They have also a lot of factories
which are located in different parts of the country which allows its distribution
easy and quick. Another reason of having production plants in different areas
is to deliver the product fresh, so that the consumer may enjoy its real taste.
For the convenience of its consumer pepsi has developed a lot of packaging.
Pepsi comes in all packaging from 250ml regular bottle to 2.5 litter family
pack. Pepsi has developed a great structure which is responsible for better
placement, ensuring its customer convenience is also one of the major goals of
the company.