Plagiarism is applicable to online-based resources. This statement aids


Plagiarism mainly refers to the idea or practice of taking
another person’s work and passing or carrying it on as if it is done by
oneself. It is considered to be not legal according to U.S law to plagiarize as
writing of one owns original ideas
are considered to be their own intelligent property and is therefore protected
by copyright laws, just like original inventions. Almost all forms of
expression both verbal and also in writing is considered under the copyright
protection law as long as they are noted in some way such as a in a notebook. A qualitative study done on plagiarism show that students
are aware of the fact that plagiarism is not good still most of them are not
sure about what actually plagiarism means. The chance of finding information
from many online resources has created the particular issue. The feature that
allows copying and pasting information from online provides encouragement to
students and people to copy the work of others. Further studies are also displaying
that students do not think that the online resources and materials are others
property. They think that it is available in the internet; it means it is free
for everybody to access and use. It is the same way they do to print material.
Also many teachers and faculties are still facing issues having to properly
understand the guidelines of referencing that is applicable to online-based
resources. This statement aids to show that students don’t understand the
concept of plagiarism due to the lacking’s in understandings of the teachers. Hence,
students find referencing these materials so confusing. Several people who are
researching on this particular matter have been come to the conclusion
that there is a need for a different kind of assignment to deal with plagiarism
issues. Presently, most schoolchildren are taught the basics of referencing
using detailed procedures that contain examples of how the principles should be
applied to individual sources. On a usual basis, students are taught that to
use the material of others and crediting those sources in some type of conformation
development. Then the students are expected to apply their learnings in reality
in order to show their knowledge on the matter and what they’ve learned. It can
be further said that students need teaching outside the guidelines and that
they needed more instruction in every courses, especially those courses that
are considered to be in the major. It is not that all majors of study handle
the use of online resources in the same way. It is essential for a student who
is currently studying in a major to learn the particulars of referencing for
that specific field.

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If there is plagiarism is found in somebody’s
assignment or any other work then usually in the first year of university, the lecturer
usually will offer required assistance to improve the academic skills of the
particular students. The lecture or senior teachers of the particular faculty
may ask the students whose work has been plagiarized to check out at some
online resources, attend educational workshops on plagiarizing and ways to
avoid it and even sometimes the particular student or students may be asked to
resubmit their work by fixing and writing it with their own wordings. However,
there are more serious offences even for the first year students, such as theft
of another student’s assignment and also paying someone else to do your work. Continual
plagiarism may also be investigated on the basis of Student Misconduct
Procedures. The students will also get punished on the basis of the procedures
can include a decrease in marks, failing a course or even for more serious
matters may be suspended or expelled from the university.

There are certain types of plagiarism that has been
classified to be offensive by association of universities and also the
education boards.

The first type is called direct copying that is when
a student or a person tends to use the same or very similar words of the
original assignment that is done by another person. It is also classified as
the idea of stealing the peoples work without telling them and then using the
same assignment to get high marks that the other person would get. The direct
copying concept can also be in the time of pictures and also art and craft
assignments. Another thing as well as is presentations where one person is
standing and then presenting another person’s thoughts or ideas trying to get
all the credit for the work that he or she has not done at all. This is also
considered as an act of deceit and also is not something people should do.

Another type of act of plagiarism is called
inappropriate paraphrasing or the switching of the words of another person’s
very good assignment. It is mainly meaning that the person is changing a little
word here and also there and also phrases but actually is keeping the original arrangement
and information of the assignment without letting the person know that. This is
also in applies for the people in presentations in situations where someone may
act to just paraphrase another person’s great and in the process try to get all
the credit. In case of putting together quotes in can also be applicable. As
someone else has said that before and also let know that they are the one with
quotes idea, it is considered plagiarism and also an act of dishonesty.

The third is known as the concealment of the sources from the
information has been gotten for the particular project or assignment. It is
considered as plagiarism if a person is not mentioning or making it apparent from
where he or she  is claiming that someone
else’s assignment content  will be viewed
as an act of plagiarism. These types of situations mainly include getting
another person’s assignment words and ideas and arrange them into one’s words
without the ability to inform from where they got the ideas. Also the using of
a particular online source many times, but saying that only is using one time
is also considered to be dishonesty and plagiarism.

a person is engaged in using the wording s and thoughts of another person it is
important to put a citation on the backside of all the sentences that has been
referred to in order to show the act is not at all plagiarism


Collusion can also be thought
to be a plagiarism way. It is often known as the doing things with other people
but telling off that the work is his or her individual hard work. Collusion is
also including the giving of one’s own assignment to another student before the
date is has to be submitted for the dishonesty purpose of them plagiarizing at
any time. Furthermore, giving money to another person to perform an academic
task, stealing or acquiring another person’s academic work and copying it,
offering to do another person’s assignment or asking for payment for finishing
academic work. 


The use or copy of work from one’s own previous assignment without
making it clear what he or she is doing is considered to be deceiving the
teacher or the marker of the assignment and is viewed to be as plagiarism. If a
student does again submit the whole or some parts of a previous piece of the
assignment is considered to be a poor academic exercise as the student is
attempting to get two sets of marks for only one actual piece of work he did.
An individual is encouraged to copy or submit an identical assignment two times
even if the heading or requirements of the assignment is deemed to be similar.
The student is then further anticipated to find out their own ideas and opinions
rather than simply cutting and pasting from their previous work.

The students can finally then their re-use previous work in the
following manners

By using the outcomes
from a earlier assignment and referencing them as per the sources
By re-reading and
re-writing online sources as it has been used on an earlier assignment.
By also innovating on
ideas from a previous assignment.



So mainly, it can be deemed that plagiarism is not
a good thing and should be avoided by students in order to get good marks. It
is necessary for the students to do well by giving online sources from where they
got the information and also by referencing their work. Students and also
teachers should research and further try to find out the ways and methods in
which plagiarism can be avoided and it should clear their confusions. IF the
students and teachers have a clear understanding of the types of plagiarism as
mentioned above, they can do better quality assignments and can also easier and
more time effective for the teacher to check the assignment.