Plastic plastic. The plastic that lays around prevents plant

Plastic Pollution is Destroying our Earth.Did you know that there are approximately 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic floating around in our ocean? There are even more pieces on land! We are destroying the Earth with all the plastic we produce. This plastic is polluting our Earth. Why haven’t we made the decision to save our Earth yet? Plastic is nudging its way into our lives whether we like it or not. We have so much excess plastic on our Earth, it’s starting to cause natural disasters to do more damage.  An example of this is, the floods in Bangladesh. These floods were extremely worse than they should have been because of the plastic. Plastic pieces were clogging the storm drains, which caused the flood to go on for a longer time, in turn, the number of structures destroyed because of the extended flood was over 100 in count.  (Green Page, 2013)Another thing to think about would be the fact that we’re losing a humongous food source. According to, about 300 tons of plastic is consumed every year by sea life. As we all know, plastic is not good to eat. After the animal has eaten the plastic, it never digests. So, the plastic just sits there. Eventually it clogs the intestines and suffocates the animal. Not only do they die, they die a slow and miserable death. We put them through this, and their deaths cause us to lose more and more food from the marine food source. This might be the worst effect from plastic, plastic is taking away our Earth. There are certain areas of land that are covered in plastic. The plastic that lays around prevents plant life from striving, and new plants from growing. These areas are called “Dead Zones” Currently, there are 405 dead zones which cover at least 95,000 square miles which is about the size of New Zealand. More and more dead zones keep popping up all over. If we continue our use of plastic, the whole world will be covered, leaving all species to die. (Dead Zones)Now, I do realize that we as people rely on plastic for everyday things such as many toys, plastic water bottles, food wrap, and much, much  more. It would be hard to live without plastic. What I am asking for is to not cut down our use of plastic completely, but to cut it down significantly. If we decide to just cut down our use, the entire world would benefit greatly from it. In conclusion, the plastic we produce is destroying our Earth. The plastic is taking over our lives. If we were to cut down how much plastic we produce, a tremendous amount of species will be saved from extinction. What we make our animal life go through is terrible. Taking away all the plastic in the world would be a huge task, but all we need is to cut down our use. If we put in at least a little effort, maybe we will have more time on this Earth.