Previously allow him to be very skillful and strategic

Previously known as Deathstroke: The Terminator, this master assassin is the deadliest foe that any hero has faced. Under the mask, Deathstroke takes the role of Slade Wilson, a very skilled U.S. army veteran. BACKGROUND ON SLADE
Slade Wilson’s complex and expansive background in martial arts and military training allow him to be very skillful and strategic in battle. At the age of sixteen, Slade was enlisted to the U.S. army where he served on an overseas mission and was recognized for his extraordinary talent in combat. He was selected by Adeline Kane, a beautiful US Army squadron leader and drill instructor for young soldiers, for private training. Under her leadership, reword so that these sentences can flow with the martial arts similarity between the two Slade mastered various combat styles along with Guerrilla Warfare, which is a technique used for military tactics. As Deathstroke, Slade has the capability to use his military training to succeed. Having mastered several different forms of martial arts, Slade became a very tenacious opponent for heroes that rely more heavily on hand-to-hand combat, such as Batman. Although Batman has a strong training background, Slade’s training background is far more extensive and is often more successful when the two engage in battle. While Batman is a very skilled and strategic fighter,  he is no match for Slade due to Slade’s superhuman abilities. 
Slade has enhanced abilities which have allowed him to face and defeat several heroes within the DC universe. When enrolled in the army, Slade volunteered for a medical experiment that was allegedly supposed to stimulate the adrenal gland to increase a soldiers ability to resist truth serums. The experiment was later revealed to be an attempt to create super-soldiers and as a result of the experiment, Slade fell into a coma. When he awoke, he found that he had several newfound abilities, making him the ultimate combatant. First, he found that his brain was nine times more useful than a regular human’s brain at storage and sorting information. He was able to problem-solve and strategize at inhuman speeds, allowing him to quickly decipher his opponents next moves and respond with perfect timing. His mind is essentially a super-computer for decoding his adversary’s attack tactics and can find and exploit their weaknesses based on rapid calculations of distance, time, and speed. His abilities also include heightened reflexes, strength, stamina, speed, senses, and healing factor, making it virtually impossible for him to be outmanoeuvred or outwitted by any opponent. Although Deathstroke can be killed, his advanced healing factor allows for his immunity to certain diseases, infections, or foreign chemicals along with his apparent immortality that causes him to age very slowly. These abilities paired with his extensive fighting background makes Deathstroke practically indestructible. Deathstroke’s abilities are most effectively displayed in 2004’s Identity Crisis